Kendall Jones Is Not Doing ANYTHING Wrong



THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, everyone is outraged by Texas Tech University Kendall Jones’ hunting of exotic animals… But what she is doing is legal and I have no clue why everyone that has NO CLUE what is going on, is going crazy on the internet about her.  I wanted to get your opinion on her and if the LEGAL activities she is doing, are wrong?

Did she really have to pick up the dead animal she killed?- nik

Pill Poppin Horse

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik This bitch is the most manipulative person you will ever met. She fucks around on her baby daddy and flirts with every guy that gives her any amount of attention. She thinks the whole world revolves around her and expects everyone else to pay for her shit. She pretends to be a good mom when she really sleeps around and pops pills everyday. Her baby is always crying when she is with her because she doesn’t treat her right. She is the fakest bitch ever. She has fake hair, colored contacts, tans religiously, and wears a gallon of makeup everywhere she goes. Don’t trust anything she says or you will end up fuked.

Dumpster Divers

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this bitch is as nasty as they come! She slept with her supervisor just to be fired by him. She’ll fucking anything with two legs and a penis. She even left my best friend cm on her face and turned around and fuvked his other friend. She knows no bounds. Shes garbage. Since she has no job she’s sucking dick for money and food. Thud bitch is dumb and as easy they come. Anyone can have src with her (two legs don’t have to work just have a dick & she’s ready to please.

Small Town Slore

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, it’s time to get A&M College Station on your radar! May I introduce you to Sara. Sara is a small town whore from a city by Corpus Christi. This girl got pregnant in high school and had a beautiful baby boy who she doesn’t have custody of because she would rather work to become a ‘body builder’ and whore around with her juice head boyfriend. Nik, let me give you a background on this atrocious couples “fairy tale relationship”- Jeff, her on again off again boyfriend, married a gorgeous girl out of high school and had a beautiful baby girl together. They moved to Germany when he got stationed there in the military and started their life together. While they were over there this lowlife would try his best to attempt to arrange hookups with girls back home when they would come back to the states to celebrate holidays. Well Nik, Sara took his bait and started banging him causing his wife to have no other choice but leave him and move back in with family. This jackass moved back to the states and rented a house in College station and invited his home wrecker to move in with him immediately. She dropped her son off with his dad for good and split. They tried to act like a normal couple, he even bought her a pitbull and Siberian husky within the first couple of months to substitute for both of their absentee kids, since they both don’t have custody of them for obvious reasons. Well Nik, here’s where it gets good. Jeff busted Sara cheating on HIM! This whore was skyping and emailing men everywhere trying to get some attention she never had growing up since she was the fat girl with the baby for so long. He kicked her to the curb and she did the walk of shame all the way back home. Well now he’s trying out for the real world and he took her back just this past week. This couple needs to be outed. They are awful people who go around ruining lives! They need to stop and be decent human beings. God I sure hope he doesn’t land a gig on the real world, but then again we will all have a good laugh at this train wreck of a couple! Let’s out these “swolemates”.

Walking DRD

THE DIRTY ARMY: Dear Nik, this hoodrat here named Shakkera Teyona Patino walks around San Antonio thinking shes top dolla! But really shes broke asf! Everything she owns is stolen! She likes to borrow sh*t from people and NEVER gives it back! Nobody can stand the lil bitch! Not even her own damn family! She goes from house to house because she has nowhere to stay!

Dallas’ Most Hated Ashley


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Ashley got so much attention on Club 8’s post I thought I would submit her own since she is that much of a bitch. She runs around Dallas EVERY night getting wasted and always getting carried out by her boyfriend. She’s a sloppy mess and thinks she’s the so hot since everybody knows her. Her juice head boyfriend is also Dallas’ biggest scum bag who had been with every since girl and acts like he is so in love with Ashley all of a sudden. Funny thing is she’s 23 and he’s 39!  GROSS! Anyways, Ashley needs to know not everybody thinks she’s as hot as she pretends. Her ass is fake, her face is huge, she needs a major +2’s job, and to stop getting so trashed at every major event. Hope this hurts worse then all the horrible comments you cried over recently. Nik, please let her know how disgusting we all really think she is.

Remember when Dallas had hot chicks… I blame Tony Romo.- nik

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