The Burrito Identity Revealed

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I have been on your site forever and couldn’t remember where I had seen this douchebag’s face before. Then it hit me that this guy names Robert Brightly aka The Burrito. This guy is still lurking the streets of Chicago at well over 40 years old attending boat parties and still trying to convince people he is a big shot. His mom moved to Florida and left him a little mini house in Willowbrook which he tries to rent out to anyone he can for extra cash. I think last time I checked he is still a loan officer in Illinois. His boat is seriously the joke of the harbor with a pirate flag on the back. The boat is seriously not even 25 feet long.

So it’s not a Yacht?- nik

Hey Burrito, Make That Face

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Silky Johnson says….”What can i say about this guy that hasnt already been said about Afghanistan.” Just when you thought he was gone. HE’S BACK! I caught him out makin the duck face all night. Saying how he is still in the process off shuting of the internet. MAKE THE FACE.

Last I heard The Burrito was hiding out in Saltillo, Mexico.- nik

Buttchin Sloot

buttchinn wh*re!!!!!

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this b*tch Shelby Dinsmore thinks she soo fine and thinks its ok to f*ck around with other girls boyfriends! Noo hunny they just know your hella easyy. GIRLS HIDE YO BOYS CUZ SHE COME RUNNIN WITH HER LEGS SPREAD OPEN! no one likes your fugly ass, and you suck at cheering you fuc*king Sl*t.

All I see is sharp angles, her face is like a geometry problem.- nik

Biggest Sloot In Reno

Biggest whore in reno

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This girl on the left is Alex. She is the biggest wh*re in the world. She like to take hot loads to the dome piece and enjoys every second of it. She is a back stabbing c*nt and will do anything……yes…..anything for a crack rock or a place to crash for the night. She will smile to your face and then go around talking mad sh*t about you. She is a grade A, leg spreading, disease infested gal. She works as a dancer at a local strip club if you ever want to find her, or if you ever want to blow a quick load, you know where to find her. She is a from a rich family and is a brat, she dosent get her way, so she grinds her ass into mens erections for a quick buck, just to waste all the money she makes to sniff up her blow hole. Have fun, and remember, bag it up, twice if you wanna hit it, and be sure to quit it afterwards, she is a stage 4 clinger fo sho.

I feel like I’m staring at a picture of a dumpster.- nik

The Skeeze Award Goes To

And The Skeeze Award Goes To......

And The Skeeze Award Goes To......

THE DIRTY ARMY: First of all this girl is only 19 years old and has THREE..yea i said THREE kids!!! Shes trailor trash..she talks shit like shes hard and then backs down cuz shes a scarya$$. Shes fat and disgusting looking. I mean look at those eyebrows…she needs to be locked in a cage like the animal that she is. She gets around..believe me. I feel sorry for her kids..having a poor pathetic drug addict as a mother. shes the tru meaning of a TRASHBALL! close those legs girl..i feel sorry for your man..even though i f*cked Javy a few weeks ago. He was pretty good actually..said it was really nice to actually feel something cuz ur soo LOOSE!!

Someone needs to tie here tubes while she’s asleep.- nik

Dirty Celeb Of The Day

Click on the picture to see how The Burrito has became one of the most influential DJ’s in Chicago’s history.

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