Allison Beharry lies about her age

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I met Allison Beharry from Toronto on Tinder. Allison Beharry said she was 23 years old and she was Russian. LOL. Initially I had my doubts, but giving her the benefit of the doubt, I agreed to meet up with Allison Beharry for coffee. In person, OMG, Allison Beharry looked like she was at least in her late 40s, she weighed about 240 lbs and her thick heavy accent was anything but Russian!!! LMAO!!! Nik, I don’t know why women think they can get away with this but I guess there are plenty of naïve and gullible men out there who will hook up with just about anything these days. Sad.

Dr. Bill Sullivan, MD, PHD

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I have reason to believe that a doctor who works with older patients is gay or bisexual. Although he claims to be Catholic, this 50-60 year old man is not married. I am not sure if he even likes women as much as he should. But frankly I don’t feel comfortable taking my older male family member to see him without being present in the doctor’s room with him. He is a creepy old man and I saw a pic of this man that surprised me. Hey Catholic church / Bioethicist Society looks like your boy Dr. William Sullivan of University of Toronto is into some freaky things. This albino will still appear weird even with a tan. Amazing how judgmental people are actually not the purest. He may drive a Bentley, but his spirituality is obviously not as rich as he is trying to claim to St. Mike’s hospital crew.

This picture is no big deal in Europe.- nik

Kelly aka Stacey Thinks She Has The Best Body

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Kelly aka Stacey. This little Taterthot is only 21 and gave up her job at east side marries to become an Escort in Toronto and surrounding areas. She used to constantly diss other women who work the… Trade but now she seems to be joining in and indulging in all the fun… She’s extremley inappropriate I often wonder if her parents or family have seen her social media. All she does is joke about things she shouldn’t. She lives at home with her parents who foot the bill for everything yet she finds herself every night sharing a hotel room with around girl’s man telling him she’s going to ” choose ” to him but never does! I’m so sick of seeing this hot mess pretend like she’s all that. She’s overweight and flat – but thinks she’s the boddddest thing on the entire planet.

Forgy Dog Tycoon

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik….meet Steve Burk….Canada’s lamest washed up wanabe rocker….I dunno where my friends mom picked up this crusty ass old creeper but he thinks hes cool…..Steve is over 50 year old No 1 nos exectly how old he is cuz he lies about his age and everything else, but 4 sure hes a dinosaor….he still think its 1984 and he still going to make it big doing Van Halen covers….wrinkles, gray pubes and all….he look more like Iggy Pop these days then the guy from van halen…. meanwile his currant gig is picking up dog poo….he even brags about how much he makes doing it… a hole $75 to hunt for mushy dog crap in sum1s yard…..dont worry grandpa….Im sure ur still gonna get that recording contract for music no 1 listens to anymore….. maybe they will play it in nursing homes for people ur age LOSER.

Michael Costa Lying Cheater

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here you have Michael Costa pure scum I can’t believe I ever let him touch me. He thinks he is part of the Mafia because he sells drugs and he was charged and went to jail you can see it all here. He will tell you he cares about you and be doesn’t want to hurt you because he might be going to jail for a long time. He is full of lies and a cheater he thinks he is so charming. Be careful for his charm ladies he is dirt, he isn’t allowed to even leave his house because of police they watch him. He has such ugly tattoos which he thinks look good I can’t believe I didn’t see right through him he still try’s to call me and tell me how stressed out he is because he might be going to jail. Stop being such a baby Michael and stop using girls and hurting people just because your life is ruined doesn’t mean you get to ruin ours. You’re a fake Jersey Shore wanna be and should rot in jail.

OP, I can’t believe you let him inside of you.- nik

Oshawa Predator

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik what can I tell you about this huge foreheaded creep. His name is CAINE PURDY he was my friend once until he started to get weirder and weirder. He brags all the time about how gets so much sex!! But it’s not true he’s still a virgin cause that’s what he told me! He likes to creep on young girls online. You can find him on video chat sites trying to get little girls to flash him their tits so he could take a screenshot. His whole computer is filled with these pics of young girls, ages as low as 13… And he’s got pics of girls sticking random things up their tw*ts. He is so f;’ing lonely that he has to prey on little girls so he can whack himself off on their tiny bodies. He can’t get a real girlfriend so he depends on the Internet for that. Never had a real gf in his life and if he did then it’s because he’s only told lies about himself. Stay away as far as you can from this guy, he preys on little girls and he is going to get fucked hard up the ass once the cops get a hold of his computer.

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