Forgy Dog Tycoon

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik….meet Steve Burk….Canada’s lamest washed up wanabe rocker….I dunno where my friends mom picked up this crusty ass old creeper but he thinks hes cool…..Steve is over 50 year old No 1 nos exectly how old he is cuz he lies about his age and everything else, but 4 sure hes a dinosaor….he still think its 1984 and he still going to make it big doing Van Halen covers….wrinkles, gray pubes and all….he look more like Iggy Pop these days then the guy from van halen…. meanwile his currant gig is picking up dog poo….he even brags about how much he makes doing it… a hole $75 to hunt for mushy dog crap in sum1s yard…..dont worry grandpa….Im sure ur still gonna get that recording contract for music no 1 listens to anymore….. maybe they will play it in nursing homes for people ur age LOSER.

Michael Costa Lying Cheater

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, here you have Michael Costa pure scum I can’t believe I ever let him touch me. He thinks he is part of the Mafia because he sells drugs and he was charged and went to jail you can see it all here. He will tell you he cares about you and be doesn’t want to hurt you because he might be going to jail for a long time. He is full of lies and a cheater he thinks he is so charming. Be careful for his charm ladies he is dirt, he isn’t allowed to even leave his house because of police they watch him. He has such ugly tattoos which he thinks look good I can’t believe I didn’t see right through him he still try’s to call me and tell me how stressed out he is because he might be going to jail. Stop being such a baby Michael and stop using girls and hurting people just because your life is ruined doesn’t mean you get to ruin ours. You’re a fake Jersey Shore wanna be and should rot in jail.

OP, I can’t believe you let him inside of you.- nik

Oshawa Predator

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik what can I tell you about this huge foreheaded creep. His name is CAINE PURDY he was my friend once until he started to get weirder and weirder. He brags all the time about how gets so much sex!! But it’s not true he’s still a virgin cause that’s what he told me! He likes to creep on young girls online. You can find him on video chat sites trying to get little girls to flash him their tits so he could take a screenshot. His whole computer is filled with these pics of young girls, ages as low as 13… And he’s got pics of girls sticking random things up their tw*ts. He is so f;’ing lonely that he has to prey on little girls so he can whack himself off on their tiny bodies. He can’t get a real girlfriend so he depends on the Internet for that. Never had a real gf in his life and if he did then it’s because he’s only told lies about himself. Stay away as far as you can from this guy, he preys on little girls and he is going to get fucked hard up the ass once the cops get a hold of his computer.

Top Failure Of The Year

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me tell you about this weirdo named “Hypa“, probably only got his name from screaming on the top of his lungs in his “tracks“… Let me give you a brief understanding about this waste of space, first and foremost – he is NOT a top drug dealer nor has he actually EVER sold REAL drugs before… Maybe like weed wrapped in tinfoil then put into a baggie… But who is to count lol. Secondly, all his money and cars he flaunts were never bought with his own cash, he’s currently in a ‘polyamory’ relationship [means more than 2 people in a relationship], and thinks he’s the Toronto version of the Taz Angels [but his angels look more like shemales] OF course I saved the best for last Nik, this so called “Player of the year/Top dog of the century” has lost everything straight down to his main bottom bitch, to his car… And probably his house… CAUSE ITS NOT HIS! Whomp Whomp…

Hypa, hurry don’t miss that bus.- nik

Dirty Sugar Daddy Gave Me DRD

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, big fan of yours!  So I am a Sugarbaby and slept with this guy who was married. He said he was new to the whole Sugardady/Sugarbaby thing and he seemed nice. We used a condom and I got a DRD from him!  What do I do now?

Nothing. You can only catch it once.- nik

Derek Chen needs to be exposed

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Derek Chen aka Toronto’s very own DJ Deecee. This guy needs to be exposed, he’s a DJ in Toronto that DJ’s for clubs around the GTA for years now. He loves to talk to girls and mingle and get to know you, doesn’t come off as creepy but just like any men, they are looking for one thing. From my experience, he talks to you like he wants to get to know you, kind and caring but what he forgets to mention is that he has a girlfriend. Or might I say wife and child. My past with him is the past, but when I meet girls who mention his name or they tell me they know him. Everyone would say how flirtatious he is, touchy, always whispering creepy shit too. Like does his wife know how many girls he has cheated on her with? I can count a countless of girls that tell me they’ve talked to him, hung out, f’ed him throughout the years. It’s disgusting how he can post photos of his family but forgets he shouldn’t be cheating on his wife while he “promotes” or “DJ”.

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