Adam Louie is a Snitch and Cheater


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this anorexic drug head is known as a jealous low life snitch, that cheated and lied in any relationship he would have . Close friends and the c*ack dealer already made it clear he’s heavily into drugs , since he’s been exposed three years ago, he’s taken the news like a b**ch. He puts people up on the net that knows who he really is. He s on disability fraudulent out the system, his dad pays for the condo at [removed] and for the 6 phone he uses to call over prosititutes and next mans whores. Recently he brought over an Asian tranny to sleep with while his young daughter was in the next room, he drinks and smokes in front of the child, CAS will be notified for sure ,it’s an unfit dirty environment . There’s a dishwasher yet always days old dishes in the sink, he lets the dog poo on the balcony and and the floor, he’s so doped up he’s oblivious to the filth that surrounds him. Instead of concentrating on getting his ged, he’s c*acked out drunk as hell sleeping with transvestites. He stands at 5,11 and weighs a sickening 120 of skin and bones, he looks sick snd scared to work out , he only zest for life is hating on men that has their s’it together with a good woman

Did I Sleep with a Tranny


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I am a man who has a very big appetite for escorts and this is the only one that has ever made me question whether or not it is a man. I found this individual on back pages charging $30 an hour and quicky took on her services. During our intimate time i had noticed some scarring and lots of loose skin in the mid section down there but i still proceeded. I need your advice because i am completely confused and i feel like i got ripped off.

Upcoming Model Auditioned For Drake

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, pretty much ex Coke head, got fat wants to make a come back. Gang bangs local Toronto rappers at events in area. Who hasn’t she banged? We don’t know. We do know that if u spit a quick rap to this gem she’ll have ur pants off faster than you can say no! Due to the fact she smells like a obese women’s crack!! She showed up at a Drake video audition what a piece of trash everyone was laughing at her and she thought it was because ppl liked her!!!!! She was twerking in a little skirt you could see all her fat and pimples and stretch marks gross!!! Have some class girl ur over 30 get it together!! Thoughts Nik? Any words of wisdom for this aspiring model anyone?

God bless this woman for her confidence.- nik

Silly Escort


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik so as we all know the infamous trollop of an escort Michele Lee murrin = Bella Bliss she just decided to attemp and fix her deformed +2’s as if thats her solution to all her problems. This mentally unstable trash is a real piece of work that jumps from one guy to the next and each almost half her age then escorts to make ends meet lmfao shes the poster child and definition for failing at life and will never amount to nothing but the Pepsi snorting pill popping escort druggie she is! Claims she got a great guy shes with lol but shes nothing but a cheap escort trick with who knows what drd. Ships off her kids so she can bring guys over and go out party which is real sad! She got a victim mentality and thinks everyone hates on her cuz were jealous lmfao sweetie youre a 30 yr old escort with 2 kids and nothin to show in this life lol no one Is jealous of that sh’t lmfao u bang guys that are 20yr old and they still got more goin for them in life than you lol thats just pathetic! Her ‘roommate’ when high talks so much ish and admits she cant stand her and is tired of her lies! This chick ruined so many people and lives shes in contact with and then fronts like its not her fault and shes all innocent! No school and no job deadbeat what a great accomplishment lol

The Mean Girls of Guelph


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I’ve been a huge fan of the Dirty for a while & think it’s about time I post one of my own. These 2 girls are Haley Debruyne & Meaghan Piitz , they are first years at the University of Guelph. Besides the fact that they both have drd’s these two think it’s fun to relentlessly torment and bully girls on campus. They think that they are both 10’s but now looks like an oompa loompa and the other looks like a mule, no one wants to go near these infected bitches. They always walk around campus looking for people to fight because clearly they have nothing better to do with their lives. They’re just petty low life bitches who deserve a taste of karma. What do you think Nik?

A true friend would return the belly cover favor.- nik

Karolina Vaivada Is Officially Delusional

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Karolina Vaivada, the low IQ and uneducated Toronto hooker seems to think she is some sort of important celebrity. She constantly frames her life as if she is a “CEO” or boss bitch when she is actually a huge loser. It seems that her Pepsi addiction has finally gone to her head. Look at her latest Instagram post where she refers to herself as a “humanitarian.” lol, I didn’t know women like Mother Teresa or Angelina Jolie could be found sucking d for $300 and prancing around half naked as a low end promo girl for stacked or modeling in some third world country’s Playboy. Karolina you look 35 years old, stop the drugs and the prostitution, Toronto is laughing at you behind your back and your only “fans” are broke loser guys who live in mom’s basement who want to hit and quit cause that’s all you’re good for.

Her upper lip is disgusting.- nik

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