Blanca Santa Cruz


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty ass sloot bangs anyone and everyone! She leaves her kids anywhere so she can party get sloppy drunk and sniffs blues and xannies. She likes to mix pepsi too so shes speed balling then when she withdrawals shes horrible to her kids during the little time she spends with them cause shes so irritable and fiening. She beats her kids when they “bother” her to eat or if they are too loud cause all she wants to do is sleep until she parties again. The worst part is this chick has drd and f’s like shes clean. She’ll f’ married men and men that are in relationships because it makes her feel like shes better than their ladies cause she “took” their men. Shes disgusting. Ladies get checked because shes given multiple men her drd…your man could have f’ed her too.SMDH

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Stripper who slept with Coyotes players

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THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this strippers name is Ridley she now lives in tuscon but used to live in Phoenix. She likes to brag that she has slept with Mike Smith and Kieth Yandle of the Arizona Coyotes. I don’t know why she would lie about this its not like anyone outside of Canada cares about hockey. I do think she’s cute outside of her being a sex worker and the tats which are always a turn off on women regardless of profession.

Erotic Junkie Treat


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce Taylor Marie Blair…she is only 19 years old and is already a tore back her’*n whore escort who has no respect for herself or anyone else. While the “love of her life” is sitting in jail and probably going off to prison she is off running the streets as if he didnt exist which wouldnt be as bad if she didnt sit there and claim she loves him and misses him but cant ever write him, go see him or get money on the phone to talk to him. She is a backpage escort and makes some good money usually but it all goes into her veins with drugs. That is of course assuming her pimp doesnt take most of it. She steals from everyone even those who try to help her. Since she is barely legal she thinks she can do whatever she wants and get away with it. I sure do hope she ends up in jail since she is facing some time too and clearly not trying to fix her life so she can avoid prison. Be careful girls and guys cause she will sweet talk her way into your home and life and just when you think you can trust her she takes off with your sh’t or bangs your man. Or hey… if youre looking for a good time check her out and give her a call….i would just go get checked out afterwards..

Desperate Money Grubber


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Amanda Renaud has NO RESPECT FOR ANYONE INCLUDING herself….. Men better watch out she will have a baby just to keep you around…. Pathetic… She is so bad she will drag a kid around hiding her car not 1 time but 5…. Just to keep a child from there father because only her kids matter, all when she leaves a sick baby home with children…. Who is this desperate that she sees how bad she is talked about and lies about her denying her and just used for money is what he gets out of it.. But I guess when u get someone you don’t have self respect for your self and your lucky SOMONE gave you the time of day only because they knew they good get money and shit from you you will settle for whatever…. And this b’tch comes up with ideas how to Try and hide to keep kids from there father’s just for her dumb ass self but has the never to tell people how to be a parent…. She also thinks she is a tough as bi’ch but can run her mouth but when it comes down to it she is just a P”SY ass b’tch and only can scratch the f’ out of you….

Ratchet at its finest


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this classy broad right here…. Damn. Imma keep it light, my friend found these pictures in her boyfriends phone. Yeah, he is a class act too. But upon finding these pictures, she hit the broad up; looking for confirmation she already has that he is a liar. Not only did she just not respond. She texted my girls boyfriend to let him know the happs! WOW. She must be dumb she included her face in the pics! Her name is heather. My Girls BF told a bogus ass story that she sent them all on her own. But since she never responded to speak for herself, I took it upon myself, as a true bestie to put this hoe on blast! Here you go “Heather Marie” now you’re famous!

Tubby Tabby at it again


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik! Tubby Tabby is at it again but even more desperate then ever! She quit her modeling gig. Thank God! Because no one wanted to pay $500+ to take photos of her little boy body, so now she is selling her self on BackPage. No wonder she always is taking photos in cheap hotels. On Snapchat she is always posting her naked photos of her Spongebob body, flat ass & mosquito bites as if She the baddest thing. Oh yeah, now she is calling her self a drug dealer because she’s also selling drugs all over social media. She doesn’t have a job or strips anymore but is posting pics with her holding wads of cash from selling weed, pills & cough syrup…… Doesn’t she know police are cracking down on wannabe little drug dealers now through social media?? For as much cash as she brags about, why does she drive a P.O.S for a car, buys MK bags & still rents??

Only horses can chew in that much of their cheek.- nik

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