Home Wrecker Ma. Krisanta Guevarra Olarte

Home Wrecker Ma. Krisanta Guevarra Olarte

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, Kris Olarte (Ma. Krisanta Guevarra Olarte) is a homewrecker slut who almost ruined a marriage. This happened between 2012-2016. She took NO responsibility for the pain and damage she caused by allowing this married man to continue falling for her, despite knowing that he was married. She’s actually claiming that she’s living a happy life. Oh well then, what kind of a decent woman can live a happy life knowing that she once tried to ruin a marriage? If that doesn’t bother her conscience, maybe you guys can pray for her wicked soul… I’ve got the whole story here with all the evidence that she tried to turn a married man off of his wife and the proof of her opportunistic character and narcissistic behavior.

1. The husband went on vacation in the Philippines in 2012, and that’s when Kris agreed to meet with him. His was also pregnant at that time. After that incident, the husband told Kris he loved her, but that didn’t stop her from talking to him—she just continued on. Kris knew he was married but still kept answering the husband’s messages and phone calls. This is what the husband said in his last message to Kris: “Kris, I’m sorry but sometimes I wish your mom was still alive. Your family is still together, and maybe you have become more loving, maybe you could’ve learned the true meaning of love, and maybe you grew up differently. You grew up independently at a very young age, in a world of achievements and survival. You want other people to be proud of you and praise you all the time, tell you that you are a good model for your family. You want your relatives to tell you that you are totally different from your sister, that you will never make a single mistake in your life.” What she did to this family reveals so much about her. I think she loves the idea of people running after her, married or unmarried, men or women… it excites her. That’s probably where she gets her sense of worth as a woman. But, although her beauty is radiant, her heart is shrouded in darkness. I hope she learns first to achieve being a decent woman before trying to work on her way up to success. It’s a scary thing up there if she doesn’t have respect to human relationships.

2. The husband asked if he could use Kris’ bank account to store his savings and sent her money on different occasions, which she later used to pay for her sister’s condo and maybe for her travels— who knows? Now she technically owes this family more than $10,000, even though the wife was stupid enough to tell her to forget about paying it back because she doesn’t think it’s enough payment for destroying her marriage. And besides, when they tried to ask her to pay, she blocked the wife, the husband and his family. Clearly, she has no intention to pay. On top of all that money, Kris even asked a lot of additional favors from the husband to help her siblings and friends get jobs abroad. Obviously, she used, manipulated, and took advantage of the husband’s “love” for her own selfish benefit, despite him being married and having a daughter. What a horrible woman. I wonder how many more married men are under her spell right now.

3. Kris continued sending photos of herself to the husband for whatever reason. It’s not like it’s ever appropriate to send photos of yourself to a married man unless you want to make him fall even harder for you.

4. This family was on vacation in the Philippines from Dec 2015 until January 2016. On Dec 29, 2015, Kris and the husband met again… and they spent the night together at a hotel. So, yeah, they slept together! Then, they met again on Jan 2, 2016, and slept together for the second time. The husband admitted to his wife that it was then that Kris told him that if he really loved her, he had to do something about his marriage, provoking the husband to almost file a divorce. She even told him when they were in the hotel, “I could’ve answered ‘yes’ right at this moment but you’re married.” Okaaaaay, but you spent the night in a hotel room with this married man?! What’s the difference?

5. She kept inviting the husband to Dubai, apparently not considering that for him to be able to do that, he would have to leave his wife and daughter behind for her.

6. When the wife and her daughter went back abroad after their vacation from the Philippines, the husband had agreed to meet Kris in Dubai, and he lied to her that his divorce papers were already being processed. Kris wouldn’t let him go to Dubai unless he first got a legal separation from his wife, so he lied to her. But even then, she knew that he was still married, and still they kept chatting on WhatsApp and she kept sending selfies to seduce him.

7. When the wife found out the truth at that time (well, half of it), she allowed her husband to go to Dubai (which she later realized wasn’t a very good idea) only because her husband told her that they needed closure and if they didn’t get it, they wouldn’t be able to have a peaceful marriage again. She realized too late that her husband was tricking her. But the wife admitted that it was her fault for being stupid enough to believe his lies again. So the husband went to Dubai (April 16-25, 2016) for 10 days and stayed at Al Barsha Hotel Apartments. If that hotel had a security camera, you could definitely see her checking in and out with the husband. Kris slept in his room for the entire 10 days, letting him kiss her and touch her breasts. She even explored and enjoyed his private parts too—what a floozy! And then she even took the opportunity to go shopping and let the husband pay for everything. She got to enjoy all the perks of being with him, because she got the chance to eat at Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant, an hour-long flight in a hot air balloon, and tons of other things the wife wish she knew about. What is also sickening is the fact that her siblings and friends knew what was going on but just ignored it all. But giving her family and friends the benefit of the doubt, maybe they didn’t know the whole truth. Later on, the wife found out that Kris’s sister was involved with a married man and had two kids. Her brother was also involved with a married woman. So, she’s basically surrounded with fu**ed up siblings, and that’s why she thought flirting with a married guy was totally fine and normal.

8. As soon as the husband landed in Dubai, he talked to Kris right away. Kris told him that she didn’t really have feelings for him. Wow, after all those years? After you tried to ruin his marriage? After receiving money from him? Why on earth didn’t you tell him at the very beginning? Obviously, because you have a stable job now and don’t need his money anymore. What a gold-digging b*tch! She admitted she didn’t like/love the husband, but she slept with him for 10 fu**ing days and did sexual things with him? So she’s a professional homewrecker floozy, then. How cruel it is for her to accept the love of a married man for four years, ask the poor man to leave his family, allow the family to suffer through pain and heartache, and then tell him that she doesn’t have feelings for him and just dump him? Really?! Just wondering what kind of upbringing she grew up with? The wife and her husband loved each other before Kris started talking to him. Their marriage was beautiful until Kris burst onto the scene to steal the husband’s affection from his wife. Kris even told the wife this: “Well, it’s not my fault anymore if he doesn’t love you!” Well, apparently, if she is at no fault, she should have stopped from the moment the husband professed that he was “in love” with her. But, she continued on, even sending him photos of herself, SLEEPING WITH HIM and all. I’m sorry, but she doesn’t get to be excused from the mistake that she thinks the husband committed. While one of Kris’ ex-girlfriend/partner managed to catch her emailing the husband earlier than the wife (which was good for her), it took the wife four years to catch them. The wife managed to open her husband’s secret email account that he used to communicate with Kris, she was able to read all their messages since 2012. Only then did she realize that Kris had done her fair share to try to break up their marriage and destroy the husband’s love for her.

For four years, Kris robbed the wife and her daughter of time that they were supposed to be enjoying as a family because the husband spent too much time communicating with her, trying to help her siblings and friends get jobs abroad, and even applying himself on their behalf. While I don’t personally support the husband’s infidelity, I know he’s now paying the price (big time) and every day he’s trying his best to make it up to the wife and his daughter. As a married couple, they’ve learned a lot from this situation and strengthened their faith in God. Yes, they lost $30,000 in savings, but they gained back their marriage and love for each other.

I wouldn’t wish this painful situation on any couple. The wife went through emotional distress so bad that she needed to seek help from a doctor to handle the trauma. Her daughter was also traumatized by seeing her parents crying, packing up, and leaving their house as well as picking up snippets of their conversations and, in her innocent way, mentioning some of them to a friend. When a woman decides to get involved with a married man, she isn’t just destroying his wife’s life, but his children’s lives as well. So I am doing this for other families– beware of Kris Olarte… Having no values and conscience she is capable of destroying your marriage.


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  1. FeetJanuary 27, 2018 at 4:11 AM

    Whoever posted this doesn’t know how to save humanity. Spreading hate and grudges won’t resolve the past mistake. Who are you to judge? Who are you to end someone’s life without taking it away? If this makes any sense, why not fix the issue inside your house? Does revenge make you more human than hers? We all commit mistakes, one cannot be defined by any of those mistakes. I wish your family well. May your home be filled with love. Turning this post down will save more families like yours, let love do its job. Spread the LOVE!