Portapotty meme girl now has Swinging business

Portapotty meme girl now has Swinging business

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Hi DA. Not seen any good DXB posts on here for ages, so here’s some tea. Remember Cara, the fat British woman who became an iconic Portapotty meme after Tag The Sponsor posted a pic of her in bed with 2 dudes in robes? Well, it seems they were right, as she has now started her own ‘exclusive’ swinging site called Madam Alice’s Wonderland. Who will use this site I wonder? Will Scat be involved and will it keep the weirdos away from Tinder?

Full poop embracement. #FecesLife – nik


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  1. jack.hahnNovember 13, 2017 at 4:10 PM

    I think both of these guys have been married to women, but never for longer than a couple of hours. (It’s an Islamic ho joke).