kristin coley — beaver county blow job pawn

kristin coley — beaver county blow job pawn

THE DIRTY ARMY: Beaver county pa hoe…Kristin coley or kristin baker is nothing but a jump off…or side chick. Calling all gold digging men here you go…she works block shifts so she’s gone for days. She does not mind blowing her paycheck on you and if you need a place to crash…this is perfect not only is she gone for days but when she gets home she will buy you whatever you need and suck your off all day long. She don’t even have to know you very long and she will give you the keys to her car too. She’s a slore a home wrecking slore.. If we was in another county she would be stoned to death. Funny built…and I heard the kitty stink too….

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  1. CaptainBangAHoFebruary 7, 2019 at 6:09 AM

    I can second the facts that she will drop all her money on you. The head is good tho. Her and I broke up a couple years ago and she still let’s me bang her on occasion. She’s fixed so you can cvm inside her all you want.

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