richie Cunningham — Nasy sick sucker

richie Cunningham — Nasy sick sucker

THE DIRTY ARMY: So this guy named Richie ended up banging this chik i knew. He cheated on his GF and she kicked his a55 out. The girl he cheated with Her name is Lynn Lauie. A nasty hoe who sells herself for Drugs But here is the kicker. Richie here is a Di!k sucker. And i mean that as such. A good friend of mine was living with the guy Richie Boy blew off. She walked outside of a smoke and caught it all in the action. So not only did he cheat on his gf. He also has been having Gay relations for who knows how long. What a joke.

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  1. TruthMay 5, 2019 at 2:24 PM

    It’s about time this greaseball Colchester d1ck$ucker was put on blast .
    I caught him smoking crack with my ex-girlfriends brother who later said this Richie guy begged to go down on him 4 a 20 peace.
    He hangs out with nothing but dirty hoes

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