THE DIRTY ARMY:  Ok, This is gonna be a long but VERY TRUE ONE. This chick Susan Mare Jackson( on FB) spends 16 hours a day on a gore forum that shows pictures of dead raped women. Problem with that is she has two small children at home, and has PUBLICLY( can post source) that she feeds her kids clonazapam to get them off her back, she also buys pills from India (ii also have proof) illeagally because her dr wont give her anymore. If she finds out you take meds and refuse to give them to her she will post all your info(name, kids names address, work ect) in retaliation and then claim that you tried to murder her ( she also posted that on an open forum). She will also take private information of her “friends” to their BFs and if that doesnt work, she turns on them claiming they threatened her. Then in the same breathe claims she only likes BIG BLACK DILDOES (again, posted in open forum-under her real name). Back to the home life. While she dopes her kids up so they are pretty much potatoes that void out infront of the TV, shes on this gore gorum, looking at naked murdered women and children (can name site if you will allow), hasent cleaned her house since I dont know when, the smell of cat pi55 and dog crap is EVERYWHERE. She wont pick it up. If you go into her bathroom, get ready for this: Her TAMPOS are allover the EFFING FLOOR!!! One is stuck to the wall by the toilet. Someotimes the dog chews them to bits and scatters them around the house, and she doesnt pick that up either. You dont even wanna go into the kitchen. Rotten food, empty cans of foood and fruit flies by the hoardes are the only thing in there. Susans biggest problem is that shes an attention whore. EVERYDAY shes on that forum, blamimg the world for her problems. She even SAID HER DAD MADE ALL HER FRIENDS KILL THEMSELVES!!!! SHE POSTED THAT!!!! Claims to have BPD, Claims to have low blood count level, claims everyday to have something ife threatening. God forbid you call this dumb slag out on anything, and she will cry that you are trying to have her murderered, or you threatened her, or threatened her kids. ANd those poor kids, she posts all their details, these poor kids have no private life, ther mom braggs about drugging tyhem cause she cant handle them, SHE CALLED HER OWN KID A POTATO HEAD!!!!! She also tells ppl hes got AAutism so she can collect donations when in fact hes just DRUGGED. One of the funnier(even though this story isnt funny) aspects is the whole cat fishing with photos. Ill post the photo she uses, and ill post what she really looks like. THIS IS funny, because any other woman gets called FATTY, or SLUUTY, or Ugly by her, but when you see what she REALLY looks like, its kind of a giggle. Theres so much more I could say , but Ill leave you with this little tidbit. SUSAN MARIE JACKSON ON ROCHDALE likes to PICK HER NOSE AND EAT IT. She was caught at work doing it and was fired. Shes a snot slurper. I have proof of every allegation on here, hell. just go to her FB page. SUSAN MARIE JACKSON, and her alter ego YASIIN BEY. So look at all her real pics, then check out the one she uses to catfish.

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  1. MeowJanuary 27, 2019 at 10:23 AM

    I went to school with this woman, she was a skanky bitch back then and she still appears to be. Susan Marie, you didn’t manage to make anything of your life, why bring children into existence only to carry on with being trash and making them live in it?

  2. MeowJanuary 27, 2019 at 10:20 AM

    Susan Marie is a nasty b1tch.

  3. Sister2sueJanuary 23, 2019 at 2:31 AM

    I think you are a disgusting person, to write this tripe, susan is my sister and no way she dopes her kids, my niece and nephew, she dorsnt own a dog, and tgr house doesnt stink of cat piss and she has 5. As for tampons etc etc, maybe your description is to close to home, all this cos you had a beef with her. Omg wouldn’t want to be your friend. This is slander and will be taken further