Infectious Alex


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this phony Alex Charmchi ended up on TheDirty a few weeks back (click here for post). I didn’t see the post though until about two days ago. When I saw it, I was floored! Because up until several hours ago, we were dating for a long while. We met through friends, and connected instantly because we were both going through hard times with an illness in the family. Alex is not much of a looker, but he appeared down to earth. Along with that, he was very understanding with my hectic schedule. We made high efforts to see each other as often as possible. Sometimes he would have to skip work or shorten his time at the gym, just to see me. Which drew me closer to him. I really thought I had found someone of value. Clearly I was mistaken, because now, I know WHY he was so understanding! It’s not because he knew where I was coming from, but because he’s been well occupied with other girls, escorts, and according to the comments in the last post, he’s back with his ex!! When I confronted him, he begged me not to believe the post. I really wanted to give him a benefit of a doubt. But what led me to believe the previous post is true, is because when I went to the doctor for a routine check up today, I was diagnosed with CHLAMYDIA. After realizing how deceiving he is, I decided to do a bit more digging. His friends tell me that apparently, Alex has slept with a few minors, as one of his hobbies he sees escorts regularly because he likes the thrill of sleeping with a stranger and degrade them, and to really seal the deal, he tries to make a few extra bucks on the side (probably to support his “hobby”) by selling ADD/ADHD meds. Prescription drug dealer?? Are you serious?? It’s just bothersome that he portrays himself as someone with high morals. But I know better now, that he’s nothing but a pathological liar. He probably even lied about his dad being sick, just to get to me. I am just so livid that he used my dad’s terminal illness just to make a fool out of me. And if that wasn’t enough, he gave me an drd!! So to all those guys complaining that Vancouver Girls are shallow and are not “girlfriend material”, you’re not much of a catch either! Ladies, beware of Alex Charmchi and his infections!

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Rave Fairy


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, sadly , i dated this chick briefly in the past.. this chick is crazy, she got obsessed with me so quick. and then hooked up with my whole crew after we broke up. she needs another hobby aside from raving and popping e, she goes to every rave and always looks so junked out. Just want to warn other van city dudes about this psycho.. stay far far away…

I wonder what the percentage is of people who regret going to raves.- nik

Janice J’s eyebrows


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, her eyes brows scare me they are so thick just imagine how hairy her bush is..someone needs to wax them and do her a favor

Battle of two evils, horse or hair.- nik

Black sheep of Vancouver


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this foul woman who looks deceivingly attractive is Jacqueline Kinnee. She is frequently very angry at everyone and always tries to get men to be interested in her. This woman had a boyfriend for three years who broke it off with her when he found out she did two guys behind his back because she was bored of the relationship. She has an unhealthy obsession with Keith Urban and other blonde men that she was caught at her computer terminal at work having NSFW pictures of nude men. After she got written up for her misconduct, she got drunk and started a big rant during a dinner outing about how her boss is the meanest boss ever and whined about her non-existent love life. Then she went home at two in the morning in a cab trying to hit up with the cab driver. What a mess, huh?

JT Elise Is A Complete Mess


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, say hi to Jessica, she is an escort in Toronto after running out of VanDirty when everyone found out she was hooking here.  She acts like she’s got the best life when she just sells her body to get it.  This girl is a complete mess!!!!

Jess if you invest in new teeth you can add a zero to that hourly.- nik

Canada Ranks First In The World For Personal Freedom

Spectators cheer during Canada Day celebrations on Parliament Hill in Ottawa July 1, 2012. Canadians are celebrating their country's 145th birthday.       REUTERS/Chris Wattie       (CANADA - Tags: POLITICS SOCIETY ANNIVERSARY) - RTR34GEG

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, a new study reveals that the United States’ neighbor to the north is the “freest country in the world”. Canada’s ranking as the top nation for personal freedom can be found in the Legatum Institute’s 2015 Prosperity Index. Here are the top 10 countries for personal freedom: 1. Canada 2. New Zealand 3. Norway 4. Luxembourg 5. Iceland 6. Ireland 7. Sweden 8. Denmark 9. Australia 10. Uruguay The United States ranked 15th worldwide.

**This is BS, you could never run in Canada… these are lies, Canada is where all the stupid people live.- JV

JV relax.- nik

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