Van Dirty’s Dirtiest Couple Alert

Van Dirty’s Dirtiest Couple Alert

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, say hello to this dirty couple! Rachelle (Kutin) has been posted on here already! Now its time for Brian Kambere to shine! All the Van City floozies please raise your hand if you got penetrated by Brian! Say hello in the comments! Also, better pic of Rachelles +2’s. For being brand new they sit pretty low! Nothing like a low budget boob job! Go get a better job!!!! Start working on that manly face of yours too! XO

OP is right, the Mexican fun bags need to be replaced. Did you buy them used?- nik

Criminal Con Man and Sociopathic Predator

Criminal Con Man and Sociopathic Predator

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, I met Derek Sutherland in the early summer of 2016, and I thought I had met the perfect guy. He was very charming, funny, and we seemed to click on all our interests. But things weren’t as they seemed at first. By the early fall, we were engaged to be married, and I paid thousands of dollars to have the ceremony and reception at Hatley Castle in Victoria. But the mask soon came off, and I realized that although Derek Sutherland said he loved me and wanted to marry me, his actions spoke far louder than his words. No one could do the things that he did to me to someone they truly loved.

Derek’s cons and crimes are non-stop and my year with him could fill a novel. For the sake of expediency, I will summarize a number of incidents. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it will give you an accurate impression of the kind of person that Derek is.

1. Within a week of meeting, he had stolen my iPad. It was never seen again.

2. Derek would wait until I fell asleep, and then he would go into my wallet, and help himself to my bank accounts and credit cards.

3. Early on, I hired him to help in my store for a temporary basis while the owner was having a kidney transplant. He stole $3,000 one day when I left him alone for a 1/2 hour.

4. He tells people that members of his family that are alive died. He even faked going to a funeral for his sister.

5. Months after lying about family deaths, he gets a cheque in the mail, and he told me it was his inheritence from his father. The cheque was counterfeit and cost me almost $2,000 on the exchange rate when it bounced.

6. He tried to profit off the death of my cat with a pet insurance policy he took out in his name as the beneficiary. He may have even killed my cat.

7. His modus operandi when it comes to employment is to find a job as a manager in a food-service industry location, get access to the business’ safe and then steal the contents. He has done this to almost every single place that I have known him to work at. He is currently before the courts for the latest of these incidents.

8. Derek doesn’t have his own place to live, he finds individuals that have something he wants, and then he manipulates his way into that victim’s life, and then lives off that person for as long as he can. In the year he lived with me, he never paid a house bill or a cent in rent. He would use scams and endless promises into the future to carry it on as long as possible.

9. Derek impersonates people on the internet. In one case involving a Boston Pizza in Downtown Vancouver, he stole from the safe as per his MO and also stole the delivery car. He then impersonated Jim Treliving, the CEO in an elaborate con that went on for months assuring that the video footage had been reviewed and Derek was cleared of the theft. It promised compensation for wrongful dismissal, and solicited banking information for the “deposit” of the funds.

10. Derek Sutherland engages in loan scams on the internet, where he cons people into sending “security deposits” for secured loans via e-transfer. He even used my name and address, and listed me as the “owner” of a fake company called “Prosper LLP” and even forged fake documents to that effect.

11. Derek Sutherland impersonates Peace Officers. He tells people lies about being an undercover detective. He may claim to be working with the RCMP and the FBI. None of those things are true. He has a lengthy criminal record.

12. Derek Sutherland is a serial cheater, and at the same time, (at least with me) he withheld sex. I eventually busted him cheating red-handed, by setting up a fake account on Grindr. It took him only one day to take the bait and solicit the fake account with nudes and descriptions of his proclivities, which include fart sniffing and scat play.

13. Derek Sutherland once broke all the smoke alarms in my house. I cannot deduce any purpose to that other than he thinks about killing people, and maybe considered killing me.

As mentioned, this list is by no means exhaustive, and I had uncovered far more while we were together that he had done to others by impersonating and scamming over the internet. Derek should be avoided by all people like the plague. He leaves nothing in his wake except utter destruction and loss.

Jon Woodward from CTV is a blackmailing pervert

Jon Woodward from CTV is a blackmailing pervert

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I went to high school with this mouthbreeder Jon Woodward and always knew there was something creepy about him. He went on to become a reporter for CTV and has since been trying to blackmail people into sexual acts.

He “found” out some info on my guy friends family company and has since threatened if he didn’t send him a video of him jerking off, he will do a defamatory piece on the company his family owns. Vandirty need to know who this guy really is. A sick disgusting excuse for a man.

Christine Le of Vancouver Loves Dating 5 guys At Once

Christine Le of Vancouver Loves Dating 5 guys At Once

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Christine Le likes to date several guys at a time. She would date 3-4 guys at a time, and meet all their friends and family. Her so called “friends” had to tell these guys cause they felt so bad for them. Her most recent sugar daddy, co owner of Poke Pacific kept her around as a cheap f**k toy, but recently cut her off from all the lavish partying when it got too embarassing when everyone around him found out she was playing him with a bunch of other dudes.

Her obsession with having multiple Gregs is caused from her daddy leaving her cause he was deported back to Vietnam for drug dealing and was left with her mom, Fiona Le, who is known for dating drug dealers for money, who beats the s**t out of her daughter and leaves her with cuts and bruises on her face. (Usually when she comes home drunk from clubbing).

Christine walks around in expensive brand name purses, jackets, and shoes which are either from her sugar daddies or stolen from her mom cause everyone knows she can’t afford to buy any of this stuff when she works at oakridge mall for $11/hr which is pretty good pay for someone who didn’t even graduate high school. attracts minors and pedophiles to their site as a money scam attracts minors and pedophiles to their site as a money scam

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, attracts underage girls to their sites, which attracts pedophiles. Basically, the pedophiles buy coins so they can buy diamonds for the girls, then has a fake child protection service to call the girls and tell them to stop using the app or they will report them and their parents to the police, yet these people from a “child protection service” do nothing about the pedophiles on the site. me works like this:
1) Attract the children.
2) Attract the pedophiles
3) Watch the pedophiles pay diamonds to the girls.
4) Contact the girls before they get enough diamonds to cash out, and make the girls afraid to ever use the site again.
5) Repeat the same over and over so that is getting money from bought coins, yet they don’t have to pay any of there broadcasters.