Money Hungry


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where to start she leaves a trail of [removed] from Victoria bc to grand prairie Alberta and now Nanaimo like a slug she’s the ultimate bro hoe and gold digger been in Nanaimo for less than a year already has 9 notches on her belt can find this hoe at old city pub and any of the bars downtown most weekends if you got the cash or blow she’s got the ass recent victims include Brendan Keith Kyle and most recently a guy named Ryan who lost his grandma and was left a lot of money and she’s now with him guard your heart Ryan and by that we mean your wallet

Jon Ede Runs a fake charity

Jon con half

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Jon Ede is a con artist who runs a fake charity TEARS ARE NOT ENOUGH to defraud people/finance his alcoholic lifestyle. I can’t believe what a low life loser this guy is, sitting there bragging how he is “very good” at manipulating people, targeting and acting all Mr. Friendly to homeless/vulnerable people with false promises to try to get them to support his “cause” to get money out of people saying its for his “Tear Are Not Enough/Freedom From Homelessness” bogus charity, when he is a homeless drunk himself who just uses the charity to live off of and his rich realtor daddy who he wil make sure everyone knows about, and all these people he’s worked with etc I guess before he went to jail for assaulting and kidnapping a girl, theft etc (look it up CSO) so now he’s conning and manipulating people to get a place to stay or food or whatever he can cuz he’s got NOTHING…and make sure he stays that way, DONT BELIEVE HIM he lies and twists the truth about EVERYTHING , and will turn on you once you catch on to his continuous lying. DONT help him he will take advantage of you. I lent him $250 in expensive camping mats after he sweet talked me into it and I never got them back, he sold them I found out later, yet claims he “lost” them. Then calls the cops to try and stop me from “harassing” him now, cuz obviously I want the loser to pay me for the mats lol. Way to con and cheat ur way thru life Jon, hopefully with this post there wont be other victims.

Property Managment Slore


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, if your looking for one of Victoria’s finest greg suckers Tita Arnsten is your gal! Local Langford whore. As long as you can get past her sporting look alike to Boy George, this former Remax slut now Kahl Realty’s property manager not only sucks a mean cock, but will eat any old nasty snatch she can Put her cheap red lips into! No surprise here that the carpet doesn’t match the drapes ,,given the carpets about the oldest shag around and at least 4 inches thick.. Little short on your rent, no worries she trades for cock, she’s road hard and put away wet, would explain why she’s on her 3 husband. Be sure to wrap your cock, this saggy titts red head gave me with more then just free rent !

Military Man Takes money from single moms


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy has a lot of mental issues and takes so many pills and is verbally abusive and takes Avantage of single moms and says I need money don’t have gas money or food and he can’t pay for his car Insurance cause his Ex takes all his money and he plays mind games with women and he play’s pour me and makes up stores about how he has to pay all this money to his ex for child support he has taken money from a lot of women he a cheater and lier and has more then one girlfriend at a time when he gets caught he is not a nice person and is very verbal abusive women stay clear of this guy don’t fall for him there a reason he don’t see his kids dead beat looser goof and his roommate is just as bad as him

Homewrecking Mistress


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, So this is Jasmeen Boparai from Victoria BC. Don’t let her innocent smile fool you… She has been having and affair with a married man for a good year and a half. Even though he has kids and a woman, nothing is above this horrible excuse for a woman. I cannot believe she ruined my friend’s life – I just hope hers fall apart as well! Ladies – keep an eye out for this one! She will pursue without giving up until she gets what she wants. She is extremely sneaky, clearly has no problem lying and being deceitful with absolutely no shame. Maybe one day she will grow a conscience and keep her grubby hands of other people’s men. Wonder how she sleeps at night?

Jen Gidora is a Pill Popping Train Wreck


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what happened to Jen Gidora at OLO? Did she get fired for theft and incompetence, AGAIN?? Guess you didn’t check her references from Oak Bay Marina eh? Or Pescatores? Or Camille’s? Or read the comments section below the news article regarding OLO on TimesColonist.? You might want to do your homework this time BEFORE you hire. I had the unfortunate experience of working with this swamp hag at the Marina, what a pill popping alcoholic train wreck!! she was constantly sexually harassing all of us male staff, keep dreaming, your ugly as f’ on the outside and in!! Constantly drunk at work!! Then she got fired for embezzling $250000 over a course of 6 years, f’ you’re dumb! Karma will sort out that ugly waste. PS Jen, try parenting your little sh’ts, your so called “Free range Parenting” style is really just child neglect

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