Butthurt F-boi


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, since it’s extremely difficult to get a post removed on this website, I guess I’ll post back. I don’t want to stoop to to this low, but online bullying is a thing and I won’t stand for false information being posted about myself. I never even knew this site existed until someone showed me the post. Steven Holenchuk has been posted on here twice. (Also See)  (See More) He’s since posted on thedirty about me, posting false information and using my photos without mine or the photographer’s permission. He messaged me on Facebook one day to flirt. I thought this was extremely creepy and inappropriate and called him out on his behavior. He proceeds to call me a cunt so I thought it would be great to blast him publicly for his behavior. – Messages can be seen here: (Click here) Our mutual friend decides to call him out on his shit: Part 1-(here) Part 2 – (here) So I blast him publicly (I really should have blocked him first) and maybe a mutual friend who is friends with his parents messaged him about their son’s behavior to women. He reports the post, gets me banned for 24 hours. Someone informing me that Steven got my post removed and is upset – (see here)  Steven, it’s really sad that you would take it this far as to posting false information about me. Maybe if you didn’t lead such a sad, pervy life, maybe you’d attract more ladies. As I had mentioned in comments, It’s a good thing that I have a stellar reputation that no one in their right mind would believe this shit. It’s pretty well known that I’ve been in a relationship for the past three years, don’t do cocaine and have two steady jobs. You’re the only person that has beef with me. Get your head out of your ass and take a breather.

Super Sloot Sam


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this little hooch has a beautiful daughter that she tries to keep from the kids dad. She was sleeping around and whoring herself out for pepsi all the time when her baby daddy finally called her on it. She decided to get rid of him because he wasnt going to have his daughter around that kind of psycho anymore so she called the cops and accused him of beating her up. This little slut has been sleeping around with anything with a dick and asking guys to pimp her out. She is so f’ed up she even was trying to sleep with one of her baby daddies best friends. She is a super junkie, shitty mom and super slut who will sleep with anything for pepsi. Her poor daughter has the most loving dad who wants nothing more than to just take care of his little girl but this piece of shit doesnt want to look like the real loser she is so she has to make him look bad. Somebody help expose this little whore Sam so she can stop hurting her daughter and exposing her daughter to such messed up behavior

Having Sloot


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, let me introduce you to violet. This smutt thinks shes hot s’it because she gets banged by drug dealers for pepsi behind dumpsters and 711’s. She goes partying all week, f’ing multiple guys in one night. Remember the train that was ran on you at Spec High? your trap was spitting “choo choo” bubbles all the way home. Dont forget! This little sloot has had 4 abortions starting summer of last year when i went with her. Her reasoning was because none of the guys would want her if she was pregnant, plus she had no clue who the possible dad was or who he looked like. Shes snorting pepsi every single day up her miss piggy nose, telling people she works out, but really all she does is sniff the protein powder, not drink it. Fast forward to 2016 please!! January, you had another train ran on you, this time at a swingers party, where she went alone ahahaha. Now heres where this gets dirty… Her and her friend had a 3way with Tyrone Dubbz AKA Tyrone Duberry,(she snitched on him after finding out he has drd) his mom is a well-known realtor here in town. SHE GOT drd!!! . Slutty MCSlut-Slore hasnt told anyone so heres the news. Next time you have to get your dirty v”na checked, dont tell the receptionist about your sores, scabs and how it all happened, she might just be your enemy’s best friend ahaha. MEN GO GET CHECKED! She hasnt told ANYONE about this, my friend confirmed he has drds from this girl, .  This is what you get for trying to f”k my boyfriend and giving my ex drd. start telling people you disgusting rat!

Slooting and Thieving


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Juli savage stole my boyfriend. She has a great cover story: she’s a social worker who helps junkies and the disadvantaged. She’s a nasty gossip, a slut shaming ‘itch who gossips about everyone she works with. She fails to mention she has drd and acts like a virgin when she’s a boyfriend stealing Gina whore with a sloppy dripping p”sy and no personality. This chick stabbed me in the back. She acts nice to your face. She talks behind every other girls back- she’s got an Inferiority complex and has no confidence with other women at all. Watch out for this vicious chick and her many ways of f’ing other women over. Super drug addicted broken brunette Barbie.

Big Tooth Escort


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, saw the last post about Chelsea Juene being an escort and that didn’t surprise me so I decided to search the backpage and look who I found. Eilidh Jane is a dirty little escort. She always was a little slutty and f’ed up in the head so this one doesn’t surprise me either. You can definitely tell it’s her by those big ass front teeth.

Misplaced blur.- nik

Mentally abusive Mario


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, look I usually wanna be the bigger person but enough is enough… ian Woodward is one of worst people I have ever met, he had this beautiful Girlfriend who did anything she could for him all he did was control her lie to her an make her feel like shit he has gotten in a fight with her and left her in a running car in the middle of a intersection she doesn’t know how to drive so had to idea what to do. He had made her walk from tillicum mall to royal oak because it was too much of a hassle for him to pick her up made her an his roommate push his car from Colquits middle school to perks arena while he sat in the front seat yelling at them for not going fast enough and said it was his girlfriends fault the car broke down, she wasn’t aloud to have any sort of social media because he didn’t trust her she had no way to talk to anyone. She was aloud to have two friends both of witch are not straight. And was told she is olny aloud to have one drink a month every day he would call her parents down calling her mom “a cheap gold digging whore” and calling her dad “a dumb redneck” Never picked her up told her to take the bus all the time but he said he was too good for the and we wouldn’t be caught dead on the “loser cruiser” yet wanted her to take it all the time. He would constantly lie about every little Thing and when called on it would freak out and yell and said that she didn’t trust him an how dare she question him, he went through her phone any chance he got. And would always talk down to her. Broke up with her then got back togther with her 7 times and dumped her all 7 of those times.. This guy really thinks he’s some hot sh’t but really is an abusive a-hole who should have never gotten a chance with her. But this guy on blast.

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