Wake Forest

Wake Forest Basketball Player Gary Clark Raped Student, While Jeff Teague Guarded Door

Wake Forest basketball player Gary Clark raped student, Jeff Teague guarded door

Wake Forest basketball player Gary Clark raped student, Jeff Teague guarded door

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is self explanatory if you read the letter. Common story of University (Wake Forest in this case) covered up a rape charge to protect their school and basketball investment. Jeff Teague (one that watched the door) had a coming out party in the Hawks/Bulls series last week for Atlanta. Girl is airing her story Thursday May 19th at 7:45 AM on The Today Show, it seems. Hopefully they can also zero in on her completely clueless parents and how they bobbled the situation.

I wonder what is going to happen to the Wake Forest program… looks like they recruit rapists.- nik

Wake Forest QB Riley Skinner


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, do you think Wake Forest’s quarterback Riley will go anywhere good in the draft?

I am glad you asked DA soldier because I need to show the DIRTY ARMY the process of how we put hearts on Gregs.  I know this is an old picture of 3rd rounder Riley, but Junior Varsity is still b*tching about not getting his own room.  So here is a quick behind the scenes look at his job.- nik

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Chester Alert

Chester Alert

THE DIRTY ARMY: Listen up this guy is a total skeez! He jumps from girl to girl saying you mean so much to me blah blah blah even saying he loves them. Let me tell you i fell for it and im still paying for it. He recently has been bouncing from high school girl to high school girl. Let’s put this dirt bag creep on blast. It really isn’t as big as you think it is either babe!!!

His shirt says its all, and so does the date rape report that the SHIM with him filed.- nik

Been Around The Block


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this is Lauren she is a tramp.  She traveled a lot so I guess she has learned the ways of being a sl*t.  She thinks it is ok to sleep with one guy one night their friend the next night and someone they know the night after.  She is the queen of f*cking up sh*t and one night stands.  I would be surprised if her drunk a** remembered the names of the last 5 guys shes slept with.

If I woke up next to that, I would hang myself with my shoelaces prison style.- nik

Tub Dancer



THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this is Tai he is a male stripper, he thinks the world of himself.  He doesn’t say he is a stripper but a dancer who does private shows, he shows up too his parties with a lil plastic bathtub as part of his performance.  This guy has officially lost touch with reality he thinks everyone likes him and every girl thinks he hot, the girls he dances for maybe and from the looks of them they are all 35+ and at least 200 lbs.  He has no friends and every guy he meets he tries to make his dancing partner.  Tai you can’t be a gangster and a stripper and your not husslin for money bro strippers don’t hussle they get on their knees and do work.

Judging by the bottom picture, there were at least a couple dudes at the party.- nik

Creeper In A Car


THE DIRTY ARMY: Hey Nik this creeper is Dave.  He hits on all the new university of north carolina girls and pretty much stalks them through myspace or drive by’s in his car.  He drives a Nissan Sentra and thinks its the coolest car in the world.  Girls should steer clear of this creeper and this creeper should steer clear of schools and stop tryin to pick up girls driving by in his car.

This guy will meet Chris Hansen someday. I decided.- nik

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