Worthless Mother Using her Children


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this here is a mother that only keeps her children so that she is able to collect a social security check. She has a worthless boyfriend and throws parties every single weekend with drunken adults running and falling around her children and she laughs about it. She gambles at casinos at LEAST 3 times a week. Anything needed for the children, she has someone else pay. At least 2 couples that attend her weekly parties are swingers. I can not even imagine what is going on in that house hold. Please put her face out there so that everyone can see exactly what she is like-exactly what she does and how her boyfriend sometimes sleeps in the same bed as her young daughter. She must be stopped-woman like this deserve to lose their children. I at one time was attending these parties but had no idea of exactly what was going on. Once I seen for myself, I left and never to return. This is disgusting! I believe the authorities need to become involved-and I have already contacted them. Child welfare. She works at CoreSource Inc-insurance agency that is constantly denying people of their insurance benefits

Ken Persel is Misleading Adoption Agencies


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Kenneth (Ken) Persel who works at Cisco Systems as a contractor with Randstad is a despicable person. Ken Persel (the fat hideous looking old bald bum blaster dude) is gay and had a life-partner but he is consonantly seeking to adopt a child under the guise that he is a male with a live-in spouse. What Ken Persel the fudge packer does not disclose is that his live-in-spouse is a male. This batty boy Ken Persel was routinely rejected for foster parenthood after it was found that he was gay. Ken Persel’s intentional and deliberate misleading behavious is particularly offensive to religious groups that do not subscribes to a homosexual lifestyle. Nik, I hope agencies and others will rigorously look into this fruitcake Ken Persel and hopefully he will come clean about his shameless alternative lifestyle in his quest to adopt kids for his sickening carnal pleasure.

Donald Trump Wants To Ban All Muslims From Traveling To U.S.


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, why are people tripping out about Donald Trump saying we need to ban all Muslims from traveling to U.S.??? Is there something wrong with that?  He is 10000000% correct, just think about it, if they weren’t in this country, 14 innocent Americans who love and respect their country wouldn’t have been murdered. Nik you are Muslim, you should be banned too.

I’m not Muslim. I think Mr. Trump is trying to win votes off people’s fears.- nik

Bill Clinton’s Illegitimate Black Son Speaks Out

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THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, meet Danny Williams, the son of the 42nd President of the United States, Bill Clinton. Danny is now speaking out and trying to get Bill to at least acknowledge his existence. He really wants to reunite with his father but the media has been protecting Mr. Clinton. If black lives matter like they say, why does Danny’s life not matter? Nobody deserves to grow up without a father. It would be interesting to have him on your podcast to finally give this young man an outlet to give his side of the story for once.  CLICK HERE TO SEE DANNY’S TWITTER!

He looks more like George W. Bush.- nik

Trump Will 💩💩💩 On ISIS

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Trump was the only one running for President that said he wouldn’t accept the Syrian refugees because it could be a Trojan horse where some members of ISIS come in with them and launch attacks. Everyone in the media laughed at him. That is exactly what happened in France and now the FBI is even openly saying they can’t properly vet them. Word on the inside is the FBI is very scared of an attack in the upcoming weeks but are putting on a brave face just to not make Obama look bad. We need Trump to give ISIS what they deserve.

Let’s be honest — Obama made America soft.- nik

Marco Rubio Will Be President


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, have you watched the Republican Presidential debates? Florida Senator Marco Rubio has been declared the winner of all of them. He is currently polling in 3rd place but I am confident that he will be the Republican nominee. Hillary Clinton is under investigation by the FBI and inspires nobody. He is the son of a bartender and a maid and worked hard to become a US Senator and now to become President. She can literally not attack him on any of the phony attacks Democrats usually make on Republicans. They say they are the party of old rich white guys. He is 44, came from poor immigrant parents, and is Latino. He paid off his student loans last year. She is a loser who wears a wig, what can she honestly say?

Smart move from Rubio’s camp to submit this.- nik

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