Porta Potty Sharmin Mahmoodi Still Working


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, So it looks like Sharmin Mahmoodi is still selling her body in the middle east to random men. This chick is so insecure that she keeps getting plastic surgery and she keeps looking worse and worse. She is close to 30 do you think she’ll ever find true love with one of her clients? Also all men beware of herpes is one of the many drds she has.

Is The Ted Cruz Sex Scandal Real


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, since you are an expert on sex scandals I was curious your opinion on the latest bombshell allegations about presidential candidate Ted Cruz. The National Enquirer reported Cruz has had affairs with up to 5 women including his former co workers, a teacher and a hooker. While they are a tabloid, they have been right in the past (Tiger Woods, OJ Simpson, John Edwards to name a few). Apparently a private investigator has been shopping a video of him coming out of hotels with the same strange lady who may be a prostitute. One of the women is said to have worked on the Carly Fiorina campaign. Oddly Ted Cruz made a suspicious $500,000 transfer of funds to Fiorina well after she had dropped out of the race. Was it hush money? To add to that, his email (pictured) came up in the Ashley Madison hack. Twitter seems to be blowing up about the allegations as #cruzsexscandal is now the leading trending topic. Personally I don’t know if its true or not yet but I wanted your opinion on it. More evidence is being compiled at cruzsexscandal.com as we speak.

No matter who we elect as our president… they will have a sex scandal on their resume. Of course I think Cruz gets down, have you not seen his wife.- nik

Georgics Hartas Is Not An Innocent Doctor


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, for all the other ladies in the house! Georgios Hartas by day is an innocent doctor in Northern Virginia who cares for children. At night he is a womanizer who leads multiple different women to believe he is in exclusive relationships with them. He is notorious for zeroing in on women with emotional problems or relationship issues and exploits them for sex. He enjoys breaking up relationships and begins the disappearing act as soon as he gets bored with his victims. To my fellow girls out there: beware! He is on the look out for a new patient now that his latest girl toy ended her relationship for him.

Sounds and looks like Ted Cruz.- nik

Anonymous Starts Early On Trump


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, the ‘total war’ on Trump hasn’t even started yet but Anonymous fired the first volley releasing Trump’s Social Security Number and cell number to the public to “do with as you wish”. This is gonna get interesting.

Ladies beware of Nathan Carrigan


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is probably one of the most infamous D.C dogs out there. His hobbies includes: Sleeping with his friends girls on the low, catching drds from a black stripper and spreading it around, he’s violent and hits girls, he gets so f”ed up in DC his friends can’t stand him and ditch him because he’s just unbearable after he does his usual cocktail of Drugs. He takes girls out and get tables and makes them split the bill with him and then if they don’t hook up with him afterwards he drugs them! He has raped multiple bottle girls like his friend Aldrama but they get out of it by offering the girls a certain amount of money. Yes girls beware, these pigs are ruthless!

President Trump is Destroying NYAG Little Eric Schneiderman


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, what is not to absolutely love about our future President Donald J Trump? Here is a guy who practices business in a way that should be every aspiring magnates wet dream. How many times are us business people the victim of a stupid lawsuit that ends up costing legal fees and settlements to undeserving plaintiffs? Donald Trump is kicking the New York Attorney Generals ass in this pathetic and politically motivated attempt from Eric Schneiderman to harm Trump for no reason.

One of the major flaws in US Justice is that these DAs and Attorney Generals have the subjective authority to initiate charges and lawsuits against people based on their own bias. I am so freakin glad that Trump is exposing Schneiderman for who he truly is. I am so proud that Trump isn’t using the Presidential race as an excuse to just pay off Schneiderman and get done with this frivolous case so he can focus on making America GREAT AGAIN.

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