Why Do You Try So Hard


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Elyse Saucedo, the fat b*tch who thinks shes a model.  Oh wait thats right, she is a model, she does it for a living, to bad she doesnt make any money at it.  I wonder how she makes a living…and hows shes able to go out everynight.  If modelings your job then why don’t u diet, or at least work out.  Or maybe try walking home instead of blwoing guys for a ride, or do you blow them for blow.  I always get confused with what she does exactly cause she does so much that its hard to keep track.  Her dream is to marry the next Eminem and have her own hit show like the Kardashians  cause she thinks she is so hot.  Shes a big fat mess and should be feared by all. Do I need to say more nik? I don’t wanna spend to long on this fat waste of time.

Maybe models do come in all shapes and sizes?- nik

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