Incest Couple from Apache Junction


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this story is right out of Jerry Springer because it involves incest and white trash.The reason I’m doing this through thedirty is because I don’t want the drama of telling Mary’s husband and I will not reveal his name put of respect to his privacy. So Mary Pedersen-Overmeyer has married and started a family but growing up she was in an incest relationship with her brother Morgan(both pictured). Yes this scandal came about back around 2009/2010 when Morgan was just beginning high school and Mary was an adult. Their mom walked in the bedroom and caught Mary sucking her little 14 year-old brother! Only some of her extended family and close friends like me heard about it. The Pedersen family is religious they tried solving the problem by going to the local church. Back then Morgan and Mary promised to never mess with each other again and said it was only a “one time thing” out of boredom (yeah right!). Mary cried to harvest sympathy like the little manipulative whore she is and blamed Morgan for coming onto her. Truth is they have continued their relationship since but have just been more careful about it. Morgan has since graduated Apache Junction high school and is in college. He was given a reward for outstanding performance in Mathematics so he’s smart enough to know its wrong to mess with your sister and not only your sister but a married women at that! He is home wrecking his nephew’s family and its pretty sick. Mary’s husband is a good laid back guy who loves his son and stays around because of guilt not because he wants to. I love how Mary goes around acting like she’s such a good mom and Morgan goes around his college acting like he’s such a clean cut boy scout. These people are hella fake and this is coming from someone who grew up with them, went to school with them, and knows them well. These 2 need to be held accountable for their actions because its inexcusable to be this selfish. There should be nothing wrong with incest against consenting adults, no different then the gays, but not when one of them is in a married relationship with a kid! One other thing that’s really creepy about all this is that Morgan is bi-sexual and Mary is apparently ok with him hooking up with dudes while they continue their affair. Mary’s husband needs to know this and get himself tested!

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

West-Side Trick


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this bitch names is Priscilla T. Westside dirty hoe, mom sells weed , bitch is forever at the strip selling her pssy for some dope. She’s always with them nasty strippers Kathy gabby briA. And those westside fck boys. Bitch isn’t about nothing. Swear I called this bitch out and nothing, all bark. Bitch needs to get tested. She gave my brother the clap. If you fck her make sure you get the shot ASAP.

Ashley Douglas In Porn


THE DIRTY ARMY: Here is evidence that Ashley Douglass posed as Krystal and tried to get into porn with that disgusting freak from BackroomCastingCouch. As a side note, apparently she doesn’t like anal.

Concerns about Ahwatukee Realtor Pete Meier

Pete Meier

THE DIRTY ARMY: Pete Meier Ahwatukee Phoenix Realtor. This review covers what I believe could pose as serious concerns about Mr. Meier’s ethical standards as a Realtor. Mr. Meier is a board member of the Ahwatukee Board of Management homeowner’s association. Realtors frequently work with and should work well with HOAs to be successful buying or selling your home. Most buyers/sellers expect Realtors to excel in communications and interpersonal skills. Mr. Meier has been admonished for inappropriate conduct in his position on his HOA. Letters have been sent to Realty Executives and Arizona Association of Realtors about his conduct. In his first six months, Mr. Meier hired an attorney and submitted two separate letters which could have led to legal action against the HOA if he didn’t get his way. This money comes from the homeowners like you and me! Mr. Meier never shared his concerns with the HOA. Instead, he fired off attorney letters costing the homeowners to pay an attorney to review and respond to. Mr. Meier never followed up on his threats. I do not believe a Realtor should make threats to sue his HOA. According to the HOA, Mr. Meier used his position as a board member to “intimidate” an HOA employee to provide him “confidential” homeowner information so he could further his realtor business. An HOA employee reported they were terrified of Mr. Meier based upon his behavior and gave him the confidential information out of fear. Mr. Meier also received a letter admonishing him for using his position as a HOA board member to pursue his realtor business. This is hardly someone I would consider to hire as a Realtor. I would be afraid he would sue me if we did not agree on issues. I would be afraid he would try and obtain or share my confidential information. I would be afraid of him confronting me and intimidating me if he got upset with me. I believe it would be reasonable for any potential home buyer/seller to investigate before hiring Mr. Meier. I would never consider hiring Pete Meier when there are so many great realtors in the Ahwatukee area.

Joseph Florian Dunn


THE DIRTY ARMY: This old bastard, Joseph Florian Dunn, loves drinking and hanging out with underage high school and college kids. He buys them liquor and cigarettes at places like albertsons and circle K and had even gone to pharmacy’s like Walgreens and bought psudophedren cold and flu meds because his friend Paul is a drug dealer who has been busted numerous times for making low-quality meth. Joseph is also a notorious deadbeat that has been arrested for failure to pay child support. This guy is in his late 50’s yet he loves young women; several years he dated a 23 year old anorexic heroin addicted stripper who miscarried his child after he threw her against a wall. Watch out for this piece of trash who lives near the Metrocenter Mall in Phoenix and recently he has been traveling to Tuscon on weekend on road trips with his friends. If hes not at his home he will be hanging out with his pathetic low live friends (ill save them for future posts!) at the Hooters or Metro sports bars circling the mall or the strip club at 21st avenue and Peoria.

Lauren Ashley aka Ashley Toxic


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Lauren Ashley or Ashley Toxic as she likes to be called. She’s a total joke! She posts ALL day about photoshoots that she pays for yet calls herself a Hair and Makeup artist, Actress and professional Model. WTF? Judging from her pictures you can see she is NOT a makeup artist. She has NO job, lives at home with her parents and has a 2 year old kid that she cant even take care of. She also got all like 5 of her tattoos within just a couple months so she can call herself a “tattooed model”. She refuses to work and just complains about her “medical problems” all day and switches from guy to guy like nothing. Since i’ve known her she has had 5 boyfriends she has been “in love” with. thats only been like maybe a year. Please put this trash on blast and tell her she is NOT a model and with that nose will NEVER become one. These girls need to stop having kids when they can’t even get a job to take care of themself!!!!! Deadbeat mom!!!!!!

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