Dirty Diana


THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, where to start? This is Diana Major. She goes by “Bella Deezy” on FB. She has like, a million kids, all of which have been taken away by CPS, because she is on pretty much every drug on the planet. Seriously, I’m pretty sure this bitch huffs model airplane glue too. If you’re a black dude that “raps”, or is a drug dealer, or that breathes oxygen, she WILL suck your penis.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Cheater Couple


THE DIRTY ARMY: Before these 2 got together they were both in relationships. This lowlife Tymer Nahrgang cheated on my friend with this skank Rachal Scovil who cheated on her nice tattoo artist boyfriend. I know for a fact Tymer has a history of cheating because before he left my friend he cheated on her 4 different times! He also had a DUI from Montana. They deserve each other and I hope they both cheat on each other!

Ratchet couple in the West Side


THE DIRTYH ARMY: Nik this is the most ratchet couple ever Ryan “stilly” stilwater and Sereena Harmon. They have a new born baby and still party like rock stars. They are on public assistance and still go out every night. That baby wont even know them. They think hes going to become a star but hes just a pot head that plays local gigs.

Luke Miller is a creep and a hypocrit

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this is Luke Miller who lives near me on the east side of phoenix. For the past year I’ve known him he has bashed gay people in our circle of friends and I recently came to find out he’s a stripper at a gay bar at the twisted peacock! He is dating a girl named Cara so I don’t understand how she would be in a relationship with him unless she is being lied to. The gay bar is on McDowell road in east Phoenix in case she wants to check it out.

Nine Toe Hoe

THE DIRTY ARMY: NIK, me and my man have been together over three years now, have a two year old together and everything okay. This half fish, half horse mixture every chance she gets tries to contact him behind my back to get back with him. They dated about five years ago before they both got in trouble with the law and her lying and cheating ass got deported to the third world country where she belongs, in Argentina!!! I can’t STAND her bitch ass!!! every year she is “married” and having a baby lmfaooo!!! She tries so hard to have what I have with him with someone else and tries desperately to talk to my man DURING her relationships. She has even gone as far as trying to date someone who she thinks will fly her back to the states because she is truly convinced that if she can get back here, she can have another go around with what is mine and has BEEN MINE for a good while now!!! This cheating NINE TOE DEFORMED FOOT HOE is so disgusting!!! She posts the most hoodrat pictures for attention and hopes my fiancee will see them and miss her!!! lmfaooo sorry honey he was done with you long before you went back home to the Argie slums when you were sitting at home on the computer he bought, sending out undie pics to your friends men and anyone else who would show you a little attention while he was at work. She’s holding onto the fact that they had tattooed each others names on each other but guess what they are very light and I started learning how to tattoo because it’s going to be great fun covering up that hood rat name lmfaooo. Nik, her latest gem is that she\’s coming back to the states in April to reclaim what’s hers… Ummm earth to dumbhoe, good luck trying to get a green card with DRUG FELONIES!!! You can’t even afford a proper bathing suit and if you look her up personally, you will see that she wears the same sportsbra and striped shorts in half her pictures. She made her own pool out of PVC pipe and a blue tarp!!! I doubt she can afford the immigration lawyer she will need. IF she managed to hop on a homemade boat, maybe she might have a chance lolz better start practicing your doggy paddling you PERRA SUCIA!!! NIK, PUT THIS WHATEVER YOU CALL IT ON BLAST, TELL HER TO FIND HER OWN MAN BECAUSE MINE IS NEVER EVER GOING TO TOUCH THAT AGAIN!!! Just so sad and pathetic she sends me the same three Myspace pictures of when they were together as if I’m going to get insecure or something. I have over a hundred current and non pixilated too!!! Tell her to stay over there because if she manages to swim or trot her way MY WAY, SHE WILL HAVE ME TO DEAL WITH!!! P.S. stop humping the wall you female dog!!!

Lesbian Homewrecker

THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this skank is Amanda Roche from Phoenix and she is only 19 yet has the resume of a professional whore! Since high school she has slept around with multiple girls and even older married women! Every relationship she is in she ends up cheating on her girlfriend. My current girlfriend was with Amanda for 4 months until she cheated on her with some skank who works at Quick Trip gas station on 19th avenue! You can ask around everyone knows what a bitch she is but speaking of bitches what do they say about Karma?

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