Bug Lady


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is kim she is a heroin junkie that will shoot anything in site. she was sleeping with her baby daddy cousin while sleeping with 2 other people at the same time. she lives with a 65 year old man that she met when she was a stripper. she is a lying theft once after the old man that she lives with tried to silicate her for sex she then robbed him. she now has 2 children and the old man that she lives with her boss of a pesticides company was arrested for solicitation of a child and has the kids around this nasty old slob. this woman is a disgusting disgrace of a parent and human

Cheated Illegally


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Dakota Leroy Cells. He is a woman beater. He left marks and bruises on someone I know, and he also cheated on that someone with a 16 year old girl he works with at Applebee’s. He’s a disgusting pig and deserves to be put on blast. He acts so innocent and acts like he does nothing wrong but behind closed doors he will beat you up and put his hands on you like the scumbag he is. , please blast this so other women won’t become victims. He is also one of the biggest cheating manwhores I know and he also lives with his grandma who lies for him on everything. Wouldn’t be surprised if they are sleeping together too.

Like a Squirrel


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Dianna Alcorn. She’s originally from Derby but now she works any stripper gigs she can get in Wichita. See those sores on her lips? Well guess what? Shes got them in other places too. She gave my buddy both the treatable DRDs and the untreatable kind after he picked her up at the strip club. He wouldn’t put her on blast but I will. She has three kids which she doesn’t take care of. Her parents end up watching them while she does her drugs and spreads DRDs. To top it of, she is still married to some poor dude in Oklahoma. What do you think Nik? Would you pay to see her naked?

Two Time Bad Mom


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Olivia Wallace is a two time slut. She sleep with any guy that has $100. The bad thing she has 4 kids that her mom watches and her mom pushes off on someone else.

Looks like she commandeered her kids clothes.- nik

Dope Doll Blames All


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Tweekerella here is the biggest ice phene of the century she Will walk across the city chasing a hit. She calls the cops on her family and any one shes.envious of. She has special ties with agents and detectives. She feeds off dealers and any one with a loaded pipe aside from living off government and identity theft. Pimps herself out and is soooo psycho just like her mother candice harjo. They both flip out for a cigarette and dope. If they don’t get what they want or you stop being so dumb they’ll dedícate their time to fuk up ur life friendships and get you in legal trouble. Never ever give Brooke a ride or say your home because the ride last all dam day and Night and you’ll be all over the dam city on E but she wont offer gas just call the next dummy promising dope she dont got. She will pop up out of no where knoking on ur door step to supposedly visit but shes really chasing sacs this is her daily and life goal. She tries to control everyone and doesnt understand when you say im done.  get a fuking life and stop blaming and dissing your twin Breanna for everything u don’t have in your life. She will fuk and suk for dope and fuks her sis.man Bryant her mom says she fuks her stepdad too. You fell off the shelf long time ago eat something.

Crusty Switch Hitter


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this douche bags name is Cody cox. He frequents strip clubs, and twin peaks so ladies beware!! He has a stash of antibiotics cuz he’s always picking up the nasties. He acts homophobic but let me tell you this boy loves the D! He dates girls for a while but then he always tries coming back to me or creeping around on them. Sorry sweetheart, I’m aint your man anymore!! Not this time! Hes a waste of time! He’s an alcoholic and pull head. Even steals his mom’s med.he acts like gods gift to women. But, he’s got the gift that keeps on giving!!! Don’t let him fool you, you’ll be sorry.

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