Narcissistic Sociopath

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this guy has a filthy past. He frequents online dating sites and goes by “Rico” and will post pics of him and his son. He is married. He tricked me into coming two states away and marrying him. He molested my teenage daughter and abused my son. He lies, lies, lies. He will tell you how beautiful you are, buy you expensive gifts, and is amazing in bed. All the while, he has a long list of side hoes he treats like queens too. When you find out, he’s just gone. He will abandon you. No apologies or remorse. He is a psychological disaster and a monster. Do not date him!!

New Douchiest DJ in Wichita

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, we use to think Dj Cause or James Moore jr needed to go, But now we’re thinking this small pricked douchebag Dj Skratch or Justin Skratch,I don’t think that’s his last name but It’ll do as that’s what he goes by on social media. So as you remember we enjoy weekends getting out to old town. Well One weekend that will always kind of get to me was the weekend we asked this loser which didn’t realize we kind of know the same people, Which wasn’t the greatest idea. So we know how djs hate requests but one night a song was playing that had a certain sound to it, Similar to another song that was also out on the radio at the exact same time. In the past he seemed cool about taking a request, Well not this time. He thought he would pop his mouth off to her as if she was his b”ch. AS IF! First off we already heard you have a 2″ dick and on top of that you’re a 2 pump chump. And at time he totally acted like he could have been on so much pepsi that he looked like a f’ing DOUCHE BOTTLE. I mean really nik, when will these douchebag djs learn? They didn’t even write the song!

Should Have Played the Song

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Boy do I have a roast for you. I see you had already covered one of this guys friends (ALSO SEE) in the past, but now it’s time to expose his gay buddy which goes by the name of Justin or his dj name is J-Skratch but it should be dj MICRO-PENIS. So where do I start. This story has been a group effort. Thank you ladies!  Living just west of Wichita, girlfriends and myself drive into town on a weekly basis to go out in the Old Town District. A couple of my girls use to actually get their haircut at the same salon his EX WIFE worked at in the past and boy does she gossip. Luckily over the years we’ve built enough ammo to go ahead and expose this little pricked loser. I remember in the past He always seemed cool, But as years went by this clown seemed to get douchier and douchier. Along with his friend you already covered. Couldn’t even keep a marriage together but by the end of this story we’ll get a better understanding on why it would have never worked in the first place. Didn’t that loser carbon also go through the same fate with his wife too? Did his little dick get in the way as well. Oh wait did I say that? What is it with Wichita dj’s and their micro penises. It’s one thing to date a douchebag, but a douchebag with a 2” dick is hardly worth the time. She’d sworn up and down she thought he cheated on her but really? Is that possible? That another girl would like to play with a 2” micropenis. You know getting busted in the bathroom doing lines of coke by an undercover officer is never a good look Microman. But you sure know how to make it look good. Didn’t you have a kid at home? Gotta say you should have probably one the “DAD OF THE YEAR AWARD” for that one. So is the saying “Small dicks for fat chicks.” Actually true? Cindy Slammer AKA Tif “go fuck yourself!” Graduated WSU ‘06 Bachelors in Graphic Design Masters in Business & I just exposed your business.

Mayor Charles Stutesman Is Dancing With The Devil

THE DIRTY ARMY:  Nik, put cyber stalker Charles Stutesman Mayor of Valley Falls, Kansas on blast. Since becoming Mayor Charles Stutesman has used his authority to intimidate, manipulate, discredit and humiliate women who don’t adhere to his advances. Charles has a long and extensive history of cyberbullying, cyberstalking women on Twitter even admitting he has a problem to a News anchor covering “Mayor Charles Stutesman, Valley Falls Kansas: dancing with the devil” story back in June 2014. Charles Stutesman belligerent Christmas Eve (2015) went off on a woman, referred to her as a fat ginger see tweets included. Instead of fulfilling his role as Mayor of Valley Falls the citizens are paying to watch him tweet vulgar and degrading comments to women and attacking others who try to defend them. Says he’ll take anyone down who attacks him. Unfortunate women have been exposed to the Mayor’s treatment. Tell Mayor Stutesman he needs to get a freaking life and get off the Twitter! Spend time with the citizens of Valley Falls who pay his salary.

OP nobody cares enough about Kansas for this to mean anything.- nik

Jordan Yardley is a disgusting creep
Jordan Yardley KBI

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, several things. 1, Jordan Yardley just recently got out of jail for beating his last girlfriend & various other crimes in 2010. He’s a registered felony offender until 2029. 2, He thinks he’s some sort of gangster/Zoolander wanna be. 3, He knocked up one of my girlfriends & posts on fb how beautiful she is. Then the same night he announced she was carrying his douche seed in her belly, he turns around & messages + snapchats me & my friends constantly asking if we want to cuddle. He does it almost daily & is disgusting. I can only imagine how filthy DRD that tools tool is. Seriously dude, quite being a mega douche & stop ruining Jessica’s life, its bad enough you knocked her up, but u continue to troll daily for more victims? Lastly, he runs around with a pack of terrible ganster wanna bes that are always in & out of jail like himself. I’m sure it was them that broke into his gf house & ransacked it b/c he owes them $$. This douche is beyond scum of the earth. Take ur confused Douchlander self somewhere else & quite creeping on every girl in the city, Wichita doesn’t need anymore douchbaggery.

Crusty Jessica Rankin

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, men of Wichita beware of this drd crusted sloot Jessica Rankin. She’s a nasty hoe and a raging cock juggling thunder c”t. She used to live with my best friend and he’d tell me about how she would come home nightly having brought home different men from the clubs, wearing the most skanky clothes that can’t even cover her fat rolls! She’d be having loud sex and waking up the kids in the house, she’s not considerate at all! B’tch even trashed the little kids pumpkins in a drunken mess. And she can’t hold a job because of her drunken ass self can’t stay sober. But mostly she’s stupid because she still has her drd medication sent to his house and she ain’t lived there in years! Nik you gotta blast this crusty vag.

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