Metalheads Beware of Kelsey Betschel

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, being promiscuous in itself isn’t so bad i guess, but when you lie about it and effect others people’s physical health, it’s crossing the line. I should have known better when a girl from instagram wanted to meet me, but she’s a really pretty girl so i got suckered! Looking back now she seemed a little shady, but at the time i didn’t think too much of it. Every time she wanted to see me it would be somewhere pretty private, and anytime i’d want to go somewhere else she’d make up some excuse about not wanting to be seen by people around windsor, something about her brother and his friends? Should have been a red flag that she was hiding me; i assume she’s some poor bastards girlfriend, maybe more than one poor bastard? When asked about how many people she’s been with while seeing me her response was “none of your business”. So when this girl has unprotected sex, which i am partially to blame for, she apparently thinks you have no right to know if you just potentially got an drd from her. The moment i asked her how i got ch***ia she just stopped responding to me and blocked me. This girl is dangerous, she could get a disease that is more serious and ruin people’s entire lives. Side note; she only uses metal music as fashion guide, ask her some trivia about metal and she won’t know shit because she actually mostly listens to female pop singers. She doesn’t like metal, she likes GUYS who like metal. Don’t fall for her sh’t guys.

A Bucket With many Talents

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet the AMAAZING Stephanie Davis. AMAZING as in amazingly disgusting, sneaky, feening, sketchy, thieving and untrustworthy. But those are just some of her many talents. Her TRUE talents are robbing you blind, sleeping with hoodrats as long as they got a wife and kids, using people for drugs and money and fucking everyone over. Her worst talent? manipulating, because she’s terrible at it. You can spot this sketchy rat from a mile away with her lil skinny ass & wanna be rapper “boyfriend” who don’t even know his girls got a new man over the second he leaves and that she’s smoking patches, crack, and crystal and anything else she can get her hands on. Another talent? She’ll smoke it all in the same day without him even realizing. This post is really more of a warning than anything. LADIES AND GENTS, beware. She’ll befriend you, steal your shit then sleep with your man the second her mans gone. Even the hookers get more respect than you. The difference in the pictures is sad to see and that’s with filters and makeup..

Digging for A Paycheck

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet Jac Stockwell has got to be one of the most manipulative **s out there. She plays all innocent and sweet but really all she wants is dick; correction old man married d**k. And if they aren’t old they have to be rich and married. This girl just can’t seem to keep her hands off other women’s husbands. She’s a trashy home wrecking whore that seeks out married men, has zero guilt, and cowards when faced with her actions! She claims she’s such a “homebody” however I’ve never heard of her being anywhere except in the arms of a married man or using them to go on a lavish vacation. She’s so pathetic. No wonder your marriage didn’t work out! Just her name makes my skin crawl. This bitch really needs to be put on blast. Listen bitch, relationships are made for 2 people. I guess you don’t get how to count.

Kinda Worth It

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Shari farough is a backpage skank. Sucked me last week for $60 and did a real good job. Now i’m itchy. Beaware of this skank but no lies here she sucks a mean one.

I see baby booties.- nik

Courtney Mac

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, she’s one of the biggest whores in Windsor .. She’s white trash ..she slepts with any guy that will give her attention .. She’s too busy running the streets when she should b trying to get her children back after the CAS took them away when she when to jail for smuggling drugs across the border like a dumb ass .. Who does that when you have 3 kids .. She as 3 baby dads she’s nothing but a a dead beat and she loves sleeping with other girls boyfriends like the homewrecker she is . if you been wit this girl you better go and get checked that’s all i have to say .. I’m surprise this girl hasn’t been on the dirt way over due

Serial Stalker
2016-04-19 20.44.11

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is the face of a serial stalker and sycopath. His name is Dennis Major from Windsors west end. I can’t even think of a something to call this guy because scum doesn’t even begin to describe him. Latley he’s been stalking a girl who broke up with him over 2 years ago. She broke up with him because he would become violent when she refused sex. Shortly after the breakup he kicked her door in and raped her. Her biggest mistake was not going to the police. She was pretty much forced to move because he would creep around her house at night and harass and threaten her. He’s been sending her threatening messages for the last 2 years. He tells her things like how he wants to skin her alive and hurt her 1 year old son because he’s disabled. He usually sends messages to her friends and fam and tells them she was a hooker and a drug addic and how she’s full of diseases, he has defanatly said it all. He’ll say pretty much anything to try and hurt her. The guy has over 200 fake facebook profiles he uses to message her. She blocks him and he just makes new accounts. He’s a very skilled liar and will say pretty much anything to ruin any relationship she pursues. He even goes as far as using multiple accounts at the same time to create an audience on this blast site and uses them at the same time on facebook as well. He even pretends to be her on facebook and sends rediculous messages to her family. I have hundreds of screen shots of his messages he sends to back all this up. Watch and see what he comes up with when he sees this… Your fun is over Dennis, next stop is the Police.

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