Welfare Deadbeat


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, where to start, typical scum i may say 18 years, dont go to school and never has, sits on his ass all day pretending to make money off the bunk ass weed when he just smokes away all his profits, really who are you trying to fool? welfare and mommy pay for everything.This dumb ass spent 2 years of his life with a ratchet ass hoe Trinity liorenteas known as lyssa lyssa on facebook this chick never loved him she was just with him for the drugs she played him hard robbed and cheated on him & get this he knew about it the whole time he just stayed with this crossed eye hoe because she was sucking his dick. when he had a girl who was actually down for him he treated her like the dirt people walk and on now shes having his kid while he continues to sit at home f’ b*ches and catch drds HOW BOUT YOU GET A JOB GET A FUCKING EDUCATION STOP F’ING WITH HOES TAKE CARE OF YOUR KID . nothing but a low life, acne invested, small dick havin bitch ass HOE. LADIES if he ever invites you over to his house just know its only because she wants to f you then kick you to the curb .

NRP Episode 12  –  Charlie Sheen Exposed - Kacey Jordan Tells All

Just days after Charlie Sheen announced that he is HIV positive; pornstar Kacey Jordan shares her detailed sexual encounter with Charlie during his days of addiction and ‘Tiger Blood.’ Kacey explains why she chose to abort their possible unborn child.

Trashy Trinity


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Trinity peirce , all she does is go around beating up little white girls along with her Bestfriend lexie Gibbs who’s been on here a couple times. All she does is drink party have sex and fight . She has had the c**p and has over 20 kills at the age of 17 how sad where’s her mother ? She has more kills then credits … The girl lost her virginty on train tracks her mom just lets her have sex anywhere in the house she doesn’t care , she got trained by Keyshawn and Matteo Morgan how Sad . She let some guy eat her out on her period ! She is broke all she does is have sex with her friends boyfriends , she doesn’t care about anything or anyone as long as she can bust a nut . The girl is trash And smells she really needs a reality check because you can’t fight and beat everyone up forever stop skipping school to have sex , you are the definition of trash

Skeet Steph Davis


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik and the rest of the world meet Steph Davis the dirtiest they come. This witch has drd ,shoots up, gets f’ed up on MDA sets things on fire locks herself in bedrooms then the person she blames and puts on blast the hoe ends up dating. Lmfao she’s a joke that sleeps around for money and has had multiple abortions. Also she will rob you blind and cannot be trusted. Funniest thing is she’s fucking Jessica Vachons dirty ol man any chance she gets even after she put a ring on it dumb hoe. Skinny looking c**ck head  needs to be put in her place thinking she’s all gangster and shit. Only thing you are is a homeless hoodrat. Ps she’s only in her 20s and looks horrible yes I know

Daylilly/Night Slore Bina Clark


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Sabrina Clark has drd and shes f’ing everyone all night while her daughter is crying in the background. She spends all day on the dirty and all night getting dirty!! She is disgusting. She’s got 5 kids and all her bbydds have disease’s. I mean alll!!! Most of the time her trap smells but all the time shes just begging for one of her exes to come back into her life. I mean she lets Josh Taylor!!! F’ her???? Now that is just as raunchy as her blown out p**sy and her f’ed up titties. She is responsible for giving everyone in her circle drd. She won’t stop putting people on blast after she gives them herpes!!! Nik this girl needs to be stopped. Post this nasty b**ch and save Windsor from becoming as dirty as her! I think theirs a handful she hasnt fuked that are worth saving!!!

Goof boy Sean Audet And Fishy Felicia


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this nasty couple is Sean Audet and Felicia Jones aka Anne marie Steele on facebook! Lets start with Sean first, hes the biggest rat goof around, he is always calling the cops or threatening people to get the cops after you or to sue you! Hes the biggest joke and pussy about it too he only will run his mouth on the internet but never in person! Hes been accused of having sex with underage girls when he was well over 25 yrs old and recent accusations have been coming up of him touching kids! Not sure what is being done about but considering his 2 friends Bill Ruth (who is currently in jail for touching little girls) and Josh Taylor are both child molesters and both are seans good buddies! Sean use to get beat up all the time in belle river and in lasalle he was a crack head, thats why he had to dip out west because when he got raided for c**ck he ratted a bunch of his dealers to get off on the drug charges. Now to fishy Felicia this **tch is as dirty as they come! She is a cam whore online takes off her clothes and plays with her blown out p**sy for money!!!! I don’t know who in their right mind would wanna see her nasty snatch considering she has 5 kids!!! Yup thats right 5 f’in kids!!! She doesnt have any of them either because shes too busy selling her ass online and smoking c**ck with Sean!!!

She looks to young for him.- nik

Chayy Labelle steer clear


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik. So this girl is chelsea labelle or chayy labelle this is one of the nastiest bi**hes I have ever met in my 23 years of living. This girl steals girls boyfriends and sends the girls pictures of them kissing and uses guys for money because she is a gold digging hoe ! This girl wears other girls thongs and steals other girls clothes. If you leave your clothes at her house you’ll never get them back, not only clothes she just steals anything she can. She claims to only have slept with one guy but every one in Windsor knows thats a lie. She is crusty. Every thing about her is whore-able. Its devastating, honestly. Her own mother lets her dress like a hoe just so she can bring home money that she makes buy selling herself. She gets a kick out of calling other girls whores when she posts sluty pictures of her just in her bra. She has so many facebooks with different names because one is her whore name and the other ones her real name. She sleeps with anyone and tries to get with every one. Try anything once, not every one ! The reason her last boyfriends left her, shes too easy and her vagina smells. ew. The guy in the second picture was her last boyfriend who left her after they slept together because he never listened and found out how nasty she is. Not to mention she made a sex contract with a 17 year old little boy when shes 21. When theres people around her she always starts trying to twerk even if its your boyfriend in the room, she’ll do anything for dick, she’ll even pay them to suck their dicks. I hope this nasty little girl gets posted so everyone can see who she really is.

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