Krusty Krisztina


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Krisztina is a lying dirty cheating whore. This nasty b*tch slept with my man when she has a man of her own!! Like who the hell does that??? She comes off all innocent and shy but she’s far from that she’s a dirty whore!! She’s dating some guy cody who she claims is her happiness… then why you gotta homies hop? She’s the dirtiest little bi**h out there she also has drd.. she will lie straight to your face about anything this girl deserves to be putbon blast for being a nasty SCUM BUCKET!! your a nasty cheating whore k risztina. This post is well deserved!! STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS ONE GUYS OR YOU’LL GET THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING!!!

Watch Your Men


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this classy woman here is one hell of a mother. She invites man after man into her home and uploads dank photos to instagram of her basically naked. She slept with my boyfriend a while back and he got an drd (I left him after he told me, don’t worry) just letting the online world know that they should wrap it before they tap it. She’s a stage 5 clinger and from what I’ve been told (Not just by my ex but 2 other guys that banged her) she is very potent.

Fishy Felicia


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this is Felicia jones or anne marie steele on facebook and shes nothing but a useless witch who has 5 kids by 3 different men and doesnt have custody of any of them! The only one she gets in her care is her daughter and thats because thats the only kid pedo sean audet wants around! She lets her daughter stay there even though sean is a creep she doesnt care all she wants is money and a dick. She loves to invite guys over while sean is at work and bangs them behind his back and sean is too stupid to realize it! She is from st thomas and left her kids to be with sean and suck new dick in windsor! Felicia start being a mom and worry about your kids rather then pedo sean audet you useless ** learn to be a mom instead of worrying about your boy friends

Angela archibald alcoholic


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, Angela archibald ( on the left with the long black hair) is an alcoholic,drug addict homewrecking pathological liar and here’s a bit of proof? She claims to be a “family woman” and doesn’t go out OR drink. She’s been posted on her multiple times, read the comments on them where she claims not to drink or go out or do drugs.Pictures speak louder than words. She lies about EVERYTHING even when she’s caught red handed. She’s ruined multiple relationships and marriages and broke up and engagement. She texts multiple taken men repeatedly even though she’s gross and basic as fuck. NEWS FLASH no one wants your used trap!! Both of her daughters are from DIFFERENT guys minus her abortions and miscarriages. She does drugs and was in rehab for drinking and drug addiction looks like it hasn’t helped her. We all know you get your drugs off the guy who works out at good life at downtown Chatham centre. You work at platinum boutique because your FAMILY owns it at downtown Chatham centre right? Because you steal money from any other job you’ve had for drugs and alcohol. Keep telling lies Angela archibald lets see what lies you make up for this one. You don’t drink or go out eh ? Are we still going with the your innocent bullshit ?

Pedo on the Loose


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is sean audet. the guy who prays on younger girls. and is now with a girl who has a daughter, which she knows nothing about him because he met her on pof and she is from st thomas. she left he kids behind to be with him. well all but her daughter needed something for sean. he had to move away a few years ago becuase he got caught luring an underage female. his own sister wont even leave sean alone with her kids because sean touched his sister as a kid so she knows. he has He**s and smokes m**h does c**e and when he runs out he sucks dick for it. this guy is so creepy he was caught with his old roommates 13yr old daughter getting her high…

Angela ruins lives


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this homie hoppin skeeze bag Angela had been posted up here before. Im bout to put my two cents in since she seems to be pulling the wool over everyones eyes. this girl is fxxking trash who claims to be all about family when this dumb bitch be bouncin people’s dxxks for a fix. she looks like a washed up addict Cher. because she is washed up and cra**ed out. Ive seen her up here and trying to play the innocent card when there’s nothing innocent bout her.! she’s slept with multiple men who were not single and I know this for a fact I hear her name all the time from mutual friends. keep sleeping with married men hxe and trying to ruin people’s relationships because guess what?! youre going to be up here again and again and again!!!! Im tired of this fxxking hxe playin innocent when she fxxked my friends husbands and is coming between two other relationship. she DID leave Ariana AND and Adia in the car to buy drug, Cxke, mxth in the parking garage at the downtown Chatham centre. shes a liar and shocker there, like we don’t all know drug addicts and booze heads are liars. stay away from peoples relationships dirty b**ch because I gauntree you are going to be posted over and over until you stop and this is the least of your worrys…

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