Not a Real Jewel


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dirty girls name is Courtney . Her hooker name is jasman jeweles ,she smokes cr**k & dose m’*h and she’s a closet smoker , but I guess word got out since she likes to bust trades for it with dirty old men Lol she used to be a stripper but got fired cause she’s a custy boney tooth pik that can’t dance and her floopy tits look worn out like her .like look at that gap LOL yuck dirty white girl . You look nasty and have no bum your just a stick and btw I seen your show at teazers you fucken sucked and your p”sy stank you probably got drd you dirty white bi’ch .from tryna have 3sums and gangbangs and tryna be a so called escort when really you where a cheap hooker .

Should make sure her top isn’t caught under her flapjack next selfie.- nik

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Inbred Tasha Sinclair


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, This is Tasha Sinclair or she goes by Skye Tamia on Facebook. First of all lets make it clear NO ONE wants to be just like you Tash. You’re delusional if you think anyone wants to be you. No one wants to have a child with a loser like Jamal/Darcy. That’s hurting. Lol All I can do is laugh at your Facebook posts, always calling down other girls like your some top knotch b”ch. Don’t forget where you came from. Wouldn’t doubt you have drd that Jamal has from f’ing all the escorts including your so called friends. Lol So busy calling down the girls that Jamal f’s with, calling them side b’tches, posting about how not to be a tramp, if he has a girlfriend leave him alone. Lol uhhh news flash. He knows he has a girlfriend but he still cheats on you with multiple girls, quit acting like you’re the one. i can’t believe your own family won’t even tell you that you’re just making yourself look stupid being with someone like him. Another dumb Indian who claims she’s a ride or die. Lmao for some black dick . He doesn’t only spoil you either girl, he spoils all the girls he fucks with. Buying them brand name purses, wallets, outfits and iPhones. You’re not the only one who’s met his family either, his aunties on Keewatin or his moms. His bedroom is in the basement corner. Says his name on the door “Darcy”. There’s a living room in the basement, first thing you see is his baby pictures. Lol Quit acting like he’s your man when he’s everyone’s man. Acting like he’s whipped over you. When he’s not with you, you’re blowing up his phone. Sending him pictures saying “you’re gonna miss this when I’m gone” lmfao You ain’t going no where because without him you’re just a broke bitch with a big gut and no titties.

Kitty Koop


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, here’s one for ya. Katrina Koop, from Winnipeg but has bin working in Thompson for the past couple of months as a nurse and sleeping with every swinging d*ck in town. 28 year old Mother of 3 from 2 baby daddies, leaves her kids with her husband in Winnipeg (who still thinks he’s happily married to a loyal and loving wife) and parties it up wherever she can. When she’s back in Winnipeg you can usually find her at the spike saloon, trying to hook up with anyone with a bottle of vodka and a ride. In Thompson she’s always at the Reagle beagle or Trappers tavern. She’s all over tinder and POF as Shellkat2. how her husband hasn’t found out is beyond me, yes that one pic is of her on her wedding day.

Why’s she look so surprised? she’s the one taking the picture.- nik

Brittney Marie from reign nightclub


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, why the hell would you keep this girl at reign nightclub? Once Area was gone she should of left too. Brittney is a stuck up chick that whores herself out for a 5$ tip when she’s working. She’s rude as can be WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IVE EVEN GOTTEN IN A WINNIPEG BAR. She has this rude tone to her that you just wanna smack her fake hair off her head. Sorry Brit your not the hottest one at reign Autumn is a lot better looking than you in every way, younger and a lot nicer. So stop trying to compete with the pretty girls cause you won’t win you bitch.

Rachel Oman the one and only


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik this dirty piece of trash needs to be put on blast! Her name is Rachel Oman a deadbeat that lives in northern manitoba!! She has 2 kids she doesn’t take care of! She rather go out and bum for free drinks! She also sells herself to old men for money so she can get drunk! Tries to Mack on guys who have money! Lol some want some don’t! She’s a greasy looking pig that should stay home with her kids and get her shitty life together!! Always trying to act like she’s a baller gangsta lmao she just looks like a bummy street person who hasn’t washed thier ass for days! And she thinks she’s hot lmao how sad!! New flash girl you’re not hot, sexy or beautiful!! You look like you could be shrek’s twin sister! She’s proud to be a bitch too so don’t forget to fetch her a bone when you see her! Time to sober up, wash your ass, look after your kids and grow the f’ up! one more thing, put a bra on for gods sake!

Starr Pepsi heads


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, so these two sisters are nothing but big Pepsi heads. Pam sells herself on back page and Sara is nothing but a fat drunk that gets used. She thinks all these guys love her they just love her money. She’s to drunk to look after her kids!! Both Pam and Sara try and talk big but they are the ones laying on the grown after getting a beating. They will steal your men and bang anything. They don’t care if you have a family if they want it they will try and take it. Trying to act like they are so perfect. But they are nothing but drunk junkies. No wonder Sara’s old man left her.

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