Side Chick Sharon


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this woman right here is Sharon scott, shes my dads ex sidebitch, Very obsessive, cant let go of the past. Shes texting my dad “give me some money or ill expose you” my dads a good mad, tried moving on with this woman but shes very controlling, and judgemental. My dad cant even eat without her saying stuff like “holy your eating” and when he contacts his kids she says stuff like “your talking to them again?” or “why do you always have to keep intouch with your kids” uh hes our father? i hate this woman lots, our whole family does, after all the stuff we do for her she goes and tries to pull this sh’t? well too bad, im exposing you to everyone before you can. Bye Sharon, Try me.

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Virginia Hornbrook Murkin


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this chick has made yet another notch in the Indian name. She is a lying cheating dirty slore. She has three kids and suffers from severe postpordum depression. She has stopped taking her Celexa so she don’t feel the quilt of leaving her man of 7 years and kids ages 4,3,2 to be yet another dirty whore in the aboriginal society. She left him cuz she couldn’t stand how much he loved her and cared and only tried to protect her. In her years of being with her baby daddy she has slept around behind his back with the help of her foster parents the murkins. She is quick to go get drunk and lay with anyone who is eager to have there greg sucked, she takes it up the ass, and is very open to having multiple men and woman to screw. She recently met another dirty home wrecking drug abusing whore from Selkirk named brandy lorIssa. As her man busted his ass to support her selfishness she was having guys over to sleep with her in there bed while watching there kids. As of now she is staying with a abusive man named Nathan Lindstrom who gave his baby momma of 2 kids the boot just to b with this dirty trash. If anyone wants a quick Payless horrible lay you can contact Virginia hornbrook by cell phone [removed] or ladies you wanna have a quick lousy f’ call Nathan Lindstrom on his cell.

Shaylynn the Villa Rosa escort


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this girl here is one of the most shittiest girls in Winnipeg…. She goes around spreading her legs claiming shes Clean as whistle mean while she is not, shes an infested dyke that swings both ways and will do anything for a buk or two, she goes around sleeping with different guys from all these dating sitez Fuks them first time meeting them once she gets a beer in her she will do anything including selling off her gross body…. She also go around claiming she wants another baby when she cant even take care of the one she already has in cfs, yet alone take Care of herself….. She has this deep voice she can pass for a man on the phone, Its a very annoying sound to hear she gets so stupidly drunk she cant even walk she will jump into any car that slows down beside her she is jist another sad case native girl whos body is just waiting to be found at the rate she is heading…. She will litterally send anyone nudes and let anyone take these nasty ass pix of her while shes drunk shes tested positive for you know what…. Winnipeg watch out for this one…… Shes a man eater and will leave you with unimaginable infections… Nik would you hit it??

Sicker Mom


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this dead beat mothers name is Monica Murdock she left her daughter sick in the hospital with a tumor in her head. She didn’t even stay with her while she recovered from surgery. She doesn’t deserve to be labelled as a mother. More like a dirty hooker, a well known Whore in Winnipeg. She recently just got out of rehab and went back to escort life a week after her and her friend Sydney punton. Little nasties having three somes together and bragging on Facebook they sucked the same dick as each other. What else have you done together? Monica you act like you love what you do but we all know your doing it because your a broke ass bum. Be real who loves selling there snatch for 200$ an hour? You should go back to fisher river. You don’t belong in Winnipeg your a little rez squaw. Why did you come back? Nobody likes you, not even your own friends you fucked half of their boyfriends even your cousins. I constantly hear stories about this one and it’s sad because I heard she got raped and almost kidnapped and she’s still living the escort life. Sad bitch get out while you can. You already got raped and caught something you can’t get rid of why are you still there? And stop trying so hard to look good in your photos when you look so gross. You look nothing like your pictures off Facebook you look like a tranny in person.

Lyci Now claiming miscarriage


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik about 2 months ago this bipolar delousional witch got posted for her disgusting immature acts .. Well heres an update the last post she was apperantly pregnant by an 18 year old boy shes sappose to be about 5 months now never made statuses took pictures or had proof she was even conceiveing she still wore club clothes slutty dresses heels and high wasted pants so high to the point were her double putch would buldge never even had a baby bump now she claimssss a miscarriage like every one said she would ?! Maybe you should stop drinking and snorting percs and lying to the doctors saying you got high from a kiss i doubt you even went to the drs from the begging . also elycia has a big problem with keeping her mouth shut she constantly sits and runs down other girls when shes no better shes a loser whos obsessive over a purple crayon who doesnt even love her she recently got a big tattooo of his name on her arm like what a loser ! Tattoos and lying about pregnancy dont make boys stay sorry hun she also lost her kids to cfs because she went to go shack up with that boy and left her 6 yearold and 11 yearold home alone for almost a week straight who does that? A shitty mother who puts men before her kids !

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Meet Jessie Cook


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Jessie Cook aka (bone man) this low life is a goof hops from house to house living off anyone he can wears the same clothes for days acts like this big gangster who robs anyone for what ever he can acts like he’s your friend and greasy you out he acts all in love with his 1 love (Jessica Elizabeth) but she left him because this goof has a drd and raped a girl that didn’t want to have sex with him and gave it to her if you meet this guy you’ll see he rolled out of mob and bside if you see him be sure to watch what you bring around him

First tats big guy?- nik

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