Extortion Pig


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this Pig Whore Nicole Hamelin is a home wrecker and tries to extort money from people and the government! She recently accused a friend of mine of doing disgusting and heinous crime all because his wife threw her nasty ass out of there home for doing c”ck and prostitution out of their home!!!! She told everyone that she was getting $$$ from the government!!! My friend and his wife were only trying to help her. Shes full of dieases and has 12 kids with 12 different men all colours of the rainbow too. Shes a manipulator and a liar!!! Stay far away from Pig Whore as possible

NRP Episode 11  –  The Escort Diaries (Part Two)

The continuation of 'The Escort Diaries' from last episode. Trixie finally opens up about her sex addiction and describes specific sexual encounters with both men and women. Lastly, she shares the key elements for regaining her lost body and soul.

Holmgren Slore

Funny 1

THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I wanna warn all the fella’s of this individual, 1st of all i dated this slore a few months back. Thought she was a nice person, but boy let me tell you. She goes by the name Harley Holm on fb. She pretends to be a perfect mom when she locks her kids up in there rooms when she had me over, she also borrowed money off me saying she needed it for her kids daycare or something. But then shes busy spending money at the local bar or club. She will then make excuses that she cant pay back. I also contracted a DRD from her and noticed she would hangout with a lot of different guys, she claimed to be faithful but that clearly wasn’t the case after being checked after dating her. She smells of ass while doing her doggy. Just a heads up to all you fella’s inless you like to spend money and can plug your nose be my guest and enjoy.

Mel Arnal mabba train


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, this is Mel Arnal a “bikini competitor” in MABBA. Mel is in her late 20s but looks like she is in her 40s. I feel bad for her fb Jeff as Mel sneaks behind his back and is sleeping with anything with a d@ck.My buddy got a DM from her last week and banged her on her lunch hour of her dead end job. Mel loves posting these selfies as she has no confidence like all these competitors which is hilarious. Get a life Mel and a set of boobs.

Hidden Sin is Still Sin


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, meet ALISA TINA MASON. lets get a few things straightened out about you, first she claims to be a christian, a woman of GOD. why she even conducts church services at FIRST NATIONS FAMILY WORSHIP CENTER. WHAT?! but then again Jean did the same thing .. so why wouldnt it be ok? right?! i guess. ALISA where were you the night of feb. 13/2014? well i know, South Beach Hotel with ALLAN MCLEAN. You even took youre Tia with you, my, my she must of seen it all. Allan Mclean even got her a roll-a-way cot bed to sleep in! i seen the receipt from south beach and the fuel he put in youre vehicle from wavers at approx 11am! you claim youre Christianity, a true WOMAN OF GOD! excuse me, but what bible do you people use?! A true woman of GOD would of sent him home to his wife? SECONDLY your lying to pastor Ray Mclean, denied it all, says they are just rumors. YOU SHACKED UP WITH HIM ALL OVER WINNIPEG, HOLIDAY INN ON PORTAGE AVE, THE VICTORIA INN, SOUTH BEACH. . You claimed you didnt want to break up a family, wasnt Allan and his wife fostering twin boys, they are now gone from there home!I feel sorry for you Alisa Tina mason.. you have to lie in order to survive her so called christian walk! what about poor, poor Charlie J Beardy? stood on the side line while ALLAN AND ALISA shacked up in hotel rooms in January, Feb, and March 2014! she invited Allan over to her house from coffee house, Claimed he had no where to go for the night! no money, why didnt you give him a cup of coffee then send him home to his family in fairford. instead you tried to control ALLAN, you made him cancel homephones and cellphones. You even programmed a facebook for him, he doesnt even know about facebook! ALISA TINA you are a dirty, filthy, PIG! you need to take a good look at yourself, youre values, your morals! right now the only value you are showing is the one between your legs! ,My suggestion to you is go see a doctor and get tested for herpes! Allan Mclean has them! I guess thats why Carl Day walked away from FNFWC, he knew you! Why even your daughter Joylin openly admits to selling crack to kids! and the other is an unwed mother! and this all from a christians teaching? HIDDEN SIN IS STILL SIN. JUST REMEMBER IT IS NOT HIDDEN FROM GOD! for those who trespass ask for forgiveness, clearly you are you are not paying attention to the word, for its happening, fornication, lust and adultry!!

Hide your Inbox


THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I don’t even know where to start with Cody. Sliding in Random little girls inbox to tell them about his cheating gf and other poor me life stories as a way to try and get laid. I know at least 3 of my LITTLE sisters friends he attempted this on. Beware of this creep. He will come off as a nice guy and will try to make you feel bad for him with all the stories he tells about his word for word “shadey” gf. Will say he is leaving her and wants to “chill” only to find more posts about how much he apparently loves her. Such a fake person with fake love. Huge player alert.

Claims to be Pregnant


THE DIRTY ARMY: nik this fat ugly mutt has been posted here before a few months back just thought i would give you a quick update .. Whalee aka taylee campbell is claiming to be pregnant just to keep this black guy (ayisosa ) in winnipeg she says hes her EX but common now she says everyones her ex . So the dude already expressed to me that he does not want the child or even anything to do with the bitch that it was only a one night stand so nik how do you claim to be pregnant but still be smoking pot everyday and all over facebook and snapchat asking for pepsi (soft) she also drinks all the time and sells her body but lies and says her kokos spoils her . Shes a whore and always will be she lives in the pas and travells back and fourth to winnipeg and home just to sleep with any nigga she could because they supply her broke ass with free food and bottles she uses her BIG BOOBS as an advantage also claims she so african when shes only a quarter carribean your more native then anything LOL newsflash b’tch having big boobs isnt an advantage its extra body fat sorry for your future back problems atleast you will get free medication to get high off of oh did i forget to mention she thinks shes cool or as she says boss because every girl she hangs with she pimps out to old men to get money for herself and then backstabs them later shes a shitty friend a black dick hungry slut and a liar you slept with how many black men i doubt hes the father or if your even pregnant , pregnancy test are sometimes not accurate so quit the show and go back to your no life drinking and drugs you ugly big foreheaded rez mutt get over yourself !

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